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Wireless magneto-ionics: voltage control of magnetism by bipolar electrochemistry
15 January 2024
Modulation of magnetic properties through voltage-driven ion motion and redox processes, i.e., magneto-ionics, is a unique approach to control magnetism with electric field for low-power memory and spintronic applications. So far, magneto-ionics has been achieved through direct electrical connections to the actuated material. Here we evidence that an alternative way to reach such control exists in a wireless manner.
Induced polarization in the conducting material immersed in the electrolyte, without direct wire contact, promotes wireless bipolar electrochemistry, an alternative pathway to achieve voltage-driven control of magnetism based on the same electrochemical processes involved in direct-contact magneto-ionics. A significant tunability of magnetization is accomplished for cobalt nitride thin films, including transitions between paramagnetic and ferromagnetic states. Such effects can be either volatile or non-volatile depending on the electrochemical cell configuration. These results represent a fundamental breakthrough that may inspire future device designs for applications in bioelectronics, catalysis, neuromorphic computing, or wireless communications.
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Wireless magneto-ionics: voltage control of magnetism by bipolar electrochemistry

Zheng Ma, Laura Fuentes-Rodriguez, Zhengwei Tan, Eva Pellicer, Llibertat Abad, Javier Herrero-Martín, Enric Menéndez *, Nieves Casañ-Pastor * & Jordi Sort *

Nat Commun 14, 6486 (2023).