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Seminars are advertised on the agenda and on this website, and the information circulates around the community via electronic mailing list, twitter and facebook.

ICMAB Periodical Lectures

These seminars are organized by the Seminars and Training Committee, and are held every 2 Mondays at 12 pm at the Institute. Invited speakers (from across the globe) provide information on a topic of general interest for most of the researchers, and seek collaboration among the ICMAB researchers. Coffee and cookies are offered at 11:45 am. If you have a proposal for a speaker, please inform the Seminars and Training Committee about it. 

Invited Seminars

Apart from the "ICMAB Periodical Lectures", our researchers invite renowned speakers to give a talk, if they are visiting Barcelona, or if the topic is of outstanding interest for the Institute. This seminars can take place any day of the week, and usually at 12 pm or 3 pm, although the schedule may vary.