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The SOLID STATE CHEMISTRY research unit focuses on solid state transformations and processes that lead to new inorganic, polymeric, nanocarbon and nanostructured hybrid materials with direct applications in energy, electronics and biomedicine. The design of novel phases, based on crystal chemical criteria, and their modification by cationic and anionic chemical/electrochemical doping and by modulation of the microstructure, is among the major objectives, as well as the dynamic action of those materials through mixed valence changes and intercalation processes and the study of the reaction mechanisms including operando techniques. The development of new synthetic methodologies, specific for each targeted phase, is a defining feature of the research unit. The research lines focus on materials for high energy battery technologies, electroactive materials for neural growth, metal organic frameworks with applications as biomaterials, inorganic and carbon nanomaterials for biomedicine and (oxy)nitrides with photocatalytic and electronic properties.