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Setmana de la Ciència 2020: Participate in the Science Week 2020 with the ICMAB! #SC20CAT

In the framework of the 25th Science Week (Setmana de la Ciència) celebrated this year between 14-29 November 2019, there will we a whole bunch of scientific outreach activities throughout the territory, although this year, due to the pandemic restrictions, most of them will be online. Do you want to join us?
27 October 2020
The 25th Science Week will be held in Catalonia from 14 to 29 November. The exceptional situation experienced on the occasion of the COVID-19 pandemic means that, as it could not be otherwise, the theme of SC'20 focuses on this disease and its global evolution, and on the state of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus research.
The 25th Science Week will also have other central themes of equal relevance, such as, on the one hand, the International Year of Plant Health of UNESCO, and on the other, the centenary of the birth of different people who have been relevant in differents fields of knowledge. They are the philologist and linguist Antoni Maria Badia i Margarit; the chemist Enric Casassas i Simó; the English chemist Rosalind Franklin, key to the discovery of DNA; the writer and biochemist Isaac Asimov; the meteorologist, astronomer and seismologist Eduard Fontserè i Riba.
The "Setmana de la Ciència" is an initiative coordinated by the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation (FCRi), in Catalunya. The CSIC centers also gather around the "Semana de la Ciencia y la Tecnología". More than 50 CSIC research centers and institutes have programmed more than 150 activities (around 50 of them in Catalunya), and other research centers, universities and institutions have organized plenty of things too. From the ICMAB we have prepared a bunch of activities, take a look at them below!
At the ICMAB we have prepared the following activities:

Virtual Escape with the Matheroes and the SDGs

THE BOXVirtual Escape about the research at the ICMAB on the materials of the future in energy, superconductors, magnetic materials, molecular electronics and biomaterials, related with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This Virtual Escape if prepared for students of secondary school (ESO and BTX), professional training (FP) and special education. The material is prepared by a class of students with its teacher, who will coordinate the session. From 16 November 2020 onwards. 

More information at the FCRI website, CSIC website, and on the MATHEROES project website.


MinerMat2020 - Expominer becomes virtual: talks and workshops

EXPOMINER LOGOThis year Expominer will not take place as we know it, in Fira Barcelona. However, there will be a selection of online talks and workshops. From the ICMAB, we have prepared the following talks and outreach videos, which will be posted in our YouTube channel from 16 November 2020.

  • Nanochemistry and solar light: towards an energy revolution, with Mariona Coll. More information at the FCRI website and CSIC website.
  • Crystals growth and characterization - Become a detective of materials! With Anna Crespi, Judith Oró and Roberta Ceravola. More information at the FCRI website and CSIC website.
  • The sand we find on the beach hides a lot of information! - Become a detective of materials! With Anna Crespi, Judith Oró and Roberta Ceravola. More information at the FCRI website and CSIC website.


Online conversations with scientists about the science career

online live sessionsAs our researchers cannot now to the secondary schools for the program "A researcher in your classroom" we propose an alternative activity. Virtual encounters with researchers offered to students of 17-18 years old (2n BTX) that are about to choose their degree, their future. We propose 30-minute talks with ICMAB researchers to talk about career path, talk about how they became a scientist. 

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book a visit. More information at the FCRI website and CSIC website.


Madame Châtelet and her followers in Instagram

chateletThe dramatised reading about the women scientists will be available in our YouTube channel from 27 November 2020! If you wish to discover some of the women scientists of history, don't miss it!
For the moment, you can take a look at this video, that we did for you to get to know us!

More information at the FCRI website and CSIC website, and on the Madame Châtelet website



LabEnClass, the Energy of the Future. From the Lab to the Classroom

LABENCLASS TALLERSLabEnClass is a science outreach project that brings our research in the field of energy from the labs to the classrooms of primary and secondary schools. The project, prepared in collaboration with Funbrain, and with ICMAB Researcher Mariano Campoy-Quiles, was awarded with a FGCSIC "Cuenta la Ciencia" grant in 2019. The project aims at bringing the research performed at our labs to the classrooms with attractive experiments related to energy prepared especially for the scholars.

More information at the FCRI website and CSIC website, and on theLabEnClass project website


How to apply

All the activities are free, but some require previous registration.

  • In the website of the Science Week of the CSIC, you can select the activities for place, date and research center. 
  • In the website of the FCRI, you can also see all the activities and contact the organizers for booking one. 



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