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Success for the ICMAB School on Orbital Currents in Solids

With a participation about 70 attendants in-person and 110 online. After a very exciting Introductory lecture by Tatiana G. Rappoport, was followed by lectures by Aurélien Manchon, Dongwook Go, Enric Canadell, Hyun-Woo Lee and Can Onur Avci, which motivated lively discussions, comments and suggested intriguing perspectives.

Meetings Organization

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The 10alamenos9 Festival arrives to its 4th edition with more than 200 students at the UAB Campus and CosmoCaixa

On Thursday, 11 April 2019, more than 200 students aged 15-18 years old, could enter the nanoworld during the Festival on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 10alamenos9, organized by the UAB, ICMAB, ICN2 and IMB-CNM at the UAB Campus, with the collaboration of the ICE (Institut de Ciències de l'Educació UAB).

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Campus UAB, 11 APR 2019: The 10alamenos9 Festival arrives to its 4th edition!

The 10alamenos9 Festival of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology arrives to its 4th edition! On April 2019, more than 1,000 participants (around 700 secondary school students, 150 primary school students), will participate in the more than 70 activities prepared by all the entities collaborating in this macro-event, that takes place in many cities around Spain, including Barcelona, Zaragoza, Valencia, Bilbao and Madrid...

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Third visit of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) at ICMAB

On 15-16 November 2018, the members of the ICMAB Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) visited our Institute to scientifically evaluate the research lines and the overall performance of the Institute. In this year's visit, three research lines were evaluated: RL2: Superconductors for power applications; RL4: Molecular electronics; and RL5: Multifunctional nanostructured biomaterials.

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