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New chapter in #WhatTheFísica Youtube channel with Rossella Zaffino

The channel, a project led by ICN2, features some research made in ICMAB. In this new chapter, Rossella Zaffino from the FunNanoSurf group shows us what Molecular Electronics are and how we can measure electronic properties of organic molecules in the Nanoquim Platform. 

21 December 2022
Rossella Zaffino in the WTF Video

Molecular Electronics at ICMAB


On the seventh chapter of the channel, released on 20 December 2022, we can see Rossella Zaffino talking about Molecular Electronics. Rossella Zaffino is a researcher at ICMAB, working in the group of Functional Nanomaterials and Surfaces (FunNanoSurf). 

Can we fabricate electronic components with organic materials? How do we measure electronic properties of organic molecules to integrate them in a microchip? Come inside our laboratory and enter the electronic molecular world! 

wtf rossella zaffino 3

Rossella Zaffino in the Advanced Optical Litography Lab of the ICMAB Nanoquim Platform | Capture of the WTF Video

In this video, you will enter the ICMAB Nanoquim Platform, a Clean Room Laboratory located at the 4th floor of ICMAB. Cleanrooms are environments, typically used in manufacturing or scientific research, that have a low level of environmental pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles and chemical vapors, and in which temperature and humidity are controlled in constant values. 

Cleanrooms are classified according to the international standards ISO and FED STD 209E depending on the maximum number of particles of a given diameter which are allowed in a standard air volume. The ICMAB Nanoquim Platform is classified as ISO 7 which corresponds to a Class 10,000 cleanroom according to FED STD 209E.

Five laboratories form the cleanroom at ICMAB. With Rossella Zaffino we will work in the Advanced Optical Litography Lab. Enjoy!

wtf rossella zaffino 2

Rossella Zaffino in FunNanoSurf Lab at ICMAB | Capture of the WTF Video

About What The Física

"What the Fisica" or #WTF is the science Youtube channel in Spanish that offers a broad view about top research performed at ICN2 and neighbouring centres such as ICMAB, IFAE and IMB-CNM-CSIC. 

The UAB supports this channel not only by sharing content but also offering a space for the video recording. 

This scientific channel aims to bring science, and physics in particular, closer to society. Through short videos, researchers themselves from the mentioned research centers share their passion and knowledge in an entertaining and personal way.

The channel is targeted to young students who are starting or about to start their studies (and who will hopefully become researchers). Still, the tone and fresh content of the videos make them suitable for all ages.

what the fisica 1

WTF video opening

Check out the new outreach channel led by the ICN2: What The Física, with a new video every two weeks, and announcements and other contents shared between chapters both on the YouTube Channel and the connected Instagram account.

Learn more about the team and the philosophy behind the channel at the WTF website

Nanomedicine at ICMAB

On the third chapter of the channel, released on 8 July 2022, we can see Andrea Stephany talking about nanomedicine. Andrea was a researcher at ICMAB during 2020-2021 and worked in the Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites Group in a project related to nanomedicine, the topic of the video. 

what the fisica andrea 2

Andrea Stephany in a capture of the WTF video about nanomedicine

And YouMaker

This WTF project comes in paralell with the ICMAB science outreach video project YouMaker, in which we explain some of the materials made in ICMAB with science communication professionals and our researchers. There are already 10 videos. Check them out and subscribe to our Youtube channel!

youmaker collage

YouMaker sequences

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