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Nanomol Technologies will participate in a new Industrial Doctorate Project

Nanomol Technologies has obtained an AGAUR grant in the 2020 call to participate in an Industrial Doctorate project in collaboration with the ICMAB. The project, entitled “Synthesis of new vesicular systems for the integration of biomolecules” will allow a PhD candidate to carry out the PhD Thesis project between both entities during 3 years.

22 September 2020

On behalf of the Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB), the supervisor will be Dr. Nora Ventosa, from the Nanomol Group, and on behalf of the company Nanomol Technologies, Dr. Alba Córdoba and Dr. Ivana Malvacio will be in charge. 

It is not the first time that Nanomol Technologies participates in the Industrial Doctorate programme. Until now, another PhD candidate  has already benefitted from this programme, and at present is currently about to finish her PhD.

Industrial Doctorate offers advantages for the three actors involved: students, research centers or universities, and companies.

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As a research center, we are happy to train our researchers to face complex and interdisciplinary challenges, and to strenghten our relations with companies that carry out R+D+I activites and continuously are improving in their area of knowledge. Building partnerships between scientists and companies is one of our main goals, in order to increase the transfer and applications of our technologies and to work alongside professionals who can bring to higher TRL our proof-of-concept ideas and devices.

About Industrial Doctorates

The aim of the Industrial Doctorates Plan is to contribute to the competitiveness and internationalisation of Catalan industry, strengthen the tools for recruiting the talent generated in the country and place future PhD holders in the right place to carry out R+D+I projects in a company.

The essential element of the industrial doctorate process is the research project carried out at a company or institution, where doctoral students will further develop their research training in collaboration with a university or research centre, and which is the object of a doctoral thesis. Therefore, the industrial doctorates act as a bridge for knowledge transfer and encourage closer ties between Catalan industry, universities and research centres. 

About Nanomol Technologies

Nanomol Technologies, S.L. is a privately owned company delivering: advanced solutions and technologies to obtain high-added value products by particle design and nanoformulation together with advanced cGMP particle characterization services. The company was originated in 2010 as a spin off of the ICMAB, by researchers from the Nanomol Group.

Currently and in the coming years, Nanomol Technologies’ main strategy is to become a reference provider of nanoformulation technology for human and animal health companies as well as for the cosmetic sector. For this purpose, it has as main objective to increase the development stage of its DELOS nanoformulation technology, through R+D activities carried out by its research staff. The company works to extend the application scope of its technologies, and to ensure the fulfillment of the quality, regulatory and finished product standards required by the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors.

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