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Nanostructured Molecular Materials for Biomedicine


NANOMOL-BIO is devoted to the synthesis, physico-chemical characterization and development, up to pre-clinical regulatory phases, of molecular and polymeric (nano)materials for biomedical applications:

Molecular Materials for Therapy:

  1. Nanovesicles for drug delivery
  2. Nanostructured molecular materials for treatment & prevention of infections.
  3. Hierarchical nanoarchitectonic materials for regenerative medicine
  4. Nanostructured hydrogels for cancer immunotherapies

Molecular Materials for Diagnosis:

  1. Fluorescent nanovesicles and organic nanoparticles for sensing and bioimaging
  2. Radical dendrimers as MRI contrast agents
  3. Water-soluble gold NPs decorated with organic radicals for multimodal imaging.