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The ICMAB at the 10th International Postgraduate and Continuous Training Forum #ForodePostgrado2019

The ICMAB research is present at the 10th International Postgraduate and Continuous Training Forum in Madrid in the CSIC stand (5E01). The forum opens its doors on 28-30 March from 10 am to 8 pm. If you are a student and/or a professional in the education field, here you will find endless options to expand your academic education: masters, doctorates, postgraduate studies, or language schools, in business schools, educational centers, universities, or research centers.

28 March 2019

The recently published Farming thermoelectric paper (Energy & Environmental Science), in which a "Thermopaper" was produced from bacterial cellulose and carbon nanotubes, and used to transform waste heat into electricity, is present at the forum: a sample of the material and a flyer (which you can download here). In addition, a flyer with information of our masters, PhD and postdoc calls. 

termo papel

The 10th International Postgraduate and Continuous Training Forum is a reference in postgraduate training because it provides complete information of master's degrees, doctorates and postgraduate studies, which offer business schools, training centers, universities and other public bodies. 

One of the missions of the CSIC is to collaborate with the universities in scientific research and technological development activities, and in postgraduate training. The CSIC participates in the event providing information to the visitors about the masters in which the Institution participates, about the predoctoral training options, the postgraduate courses and some of the research outcomes of the research centers. 

There are numerous departments, services and researchers with which the CSIC collaborates in the organization of the event, and the ICMAB is one of them.

Here you can find some information about Masters, PhD and internship offers: 

CSIC Masters, PhD and internship offers

More information

Reference paper

Farming thermoelectric paper

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