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IEC, 18 SEPT 2019: "La Física dona. La dona física" SCF Opening Conference 2019-2020

The opening conference of the 2019-2020 course of the Catalan Physics Society (SCF - Societat Catalana de Física) will take place on Wednesday, 18 September, at the Sala Nicolau d'Owler (Institut d'Estudis Catalans, Carrer del Carme, 47) at 7 pm. The conference will be given by Dr. Àngels Ramos, Professor in the area of Atomic and Nuclear Physics at the University of Barcelona. 
04 September 2019

The conference is entitled "La Física dona. La dona física", and will give a general vision of the situation of women in science and, especifically, in the field of physics.

"Do women have the same opportunities and facilities than men to develop their scientific career? Probably not. It is well known that the number of women that choose STEM degrees is significatively lower than the number of men. It is also well known that the percentage of women in high academic positions is much lower than the percentage of women who study STEM. In this conference, we will talk about the possible causes of this assymetry in STEM degrees and we will describe the current gender policy tools, analyzing their results" 

Dr. Àngels Ramos is Professor in the area of Atomic and Nuclear Physics at the University of Barcelona. She is Doctor in Physics at the UB (1988). She started her scientific career with a PhD thesis in 1988 centered in the theoretical study of the atomic nucleous properties, more especifically in the aspects related to correlations between nucleons.She did a 3-year postdoctoral stay in Vancouver (Canada), and she then reoriented her career to the study of nuclar systems that contain particles with the strange quark.

She then initiates a very fruitful stage that has consolidated Dr. Ramos as an expert in the field of Strange Nuclear Physics, contributing to generate knowledge in the field of hadronic physics and in pulsars (neutron stars). Currently, Dr. Ramos works in the field of quarks, plasma and gluons. She has more than 250 publications (140 conferences), and a h index of 47. 

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