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ICMAB debuts in the "Science by Women" program in its 7th edition

In total, 26 African women scientists have been selected to develop their own projects in different leading research centers in Spain.

ICMAB participates for the first time in the “Science by Women” program, one of the Fundación Mujeres por África longest-running programs. In its seventh edition, a total of 26 African women scientists have been selected to develop their own projects in different leading research centers in Spain, who host them in one their research groups for 6 months. 

23 March 2022
Laser Processing Group lab | ICMAB
Laser Processing Group lab | ICMAB

The project is growing steadily and “Science by Women” is currently collaborating with more than 23 research centers, some of them even offering two grants, and plans to increase its network in the eighth edition to be presented next July. The number of African countries represented is also increasing, with researchers from Togo and Zimbabwe joining for the first time this year.

This edition concurs with a moment of growth and strengthening of the network “N.O.W. IS Africa” (Network of Women Innovating in Science in Africa), promoted by “Science by Women” so that the more than 100 women scientists, who have been part of the program since its first edition in 2014, boost their leadership and representation at international level.

The program counts with the participation of the 23 recipient centers and the sponsorship of the Government of the Canary Islands, the Provincial Council of Vizcaya, the Provincial Council of Guipúzcoa, the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Endesa, the Abertis Foundation and the FCSAI Foundation.

You can consult the list of the selected women scientists here. Other centers participating in the program are ICFO, VHIR, ICMAB, CNIO, DIPC or ISCIII, to name a few. 

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Banner of the 7th edition of Science by Women | Fundación Mujeres por África

Laser techniques for sustainable energy storage

At ICMAB we are honored to participate in this edition and excited to start the program. We will host Assumpta Chinwe Nwanya from Nigeria within the Laser Processing Group, with ICMAB researchers Ángel Pérez and Enikö György. The idea of Chinwe Nwanya is to create supercapacitors, for energy storage, with sustainable materials, and to use laser techniques to fabricate them. 

The Laser Processing Group works in the design and synthesis of nanostructured functional materials using different laser techniques, such as pulsed laser deposition (PLD) or matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation (MAPLE), among others. The group develops high quality organic-inorganic nanocomposities, such as semiconductor quantum dots, carbon nanotubes or graphane-based nanostructures, for energy, environmental, electronics and sensing applications. 

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