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ICMAB, 6 FEB 2020: Welcome Day of the DOC-FAM PhD Fellows (2nd Call)

On Thursday, 6 February 2020, the Welcome Day for the COFUND MSCA Doctoral Training Programme on Functional Advanced Materials "DOC-FAM" PhD Fellows (2nd Call) will take place at ICMAB (9:15 am). The Welcome Day is aimed to present the project and introduce the second call PhD fellows and their projects. In this second call, the projects are being carried out at ICMAB-CSIC, ICN2, IMB-CNM-CSIC, IREC and ALBA Synchrotron. 

17 January 2020
In total, counting the first and second call, the DOC-FAM programm is enabling 22 early stage researchers (ESR) to conduct their PhD in the field of "Advanced Functional Materials" in these outstanding research institutions. The DOC-FAM program, coordinated by the ICMAB, is the first MSCA COFUND coordinated by a CSIC center.

The Welcome Day will start with a brief presentation of each institution that participate in the project, followed by a presentation of the programme by its Project Manager, Laura Cabana. After the coffee break, the PhD fellows of this second call will give some flash talks about their research group, the objectives of their PhD thesis and the Career Development Plan of their project. 

The objectives of the meeting are to:

  • Welcome the second call PhD fellows of the DOC-FAM project
  • Introduce the PhD fellows and encourage the networking between them
  • Increase the networking and collaboration between the host institutions


09.15: Welcome
09.30: Presentation from the host institutions (ICMAB-CSIC, IMB-CNM-CSIC, ALBA Synchrotron, IREC, ICN2)
10.45: DOCFAM presentation and important information for the fellows and PIs. Laura Cabana, DOC-FAM Project Manager

11.10: Coffee break

Fellow presentations

5-8 minutes presentations by the DOC-FAM Early Stage Researchers (ESR). They will describe their group, PI, their project and
Career Development Plan:

11.30: Jewel Ann Maria Xavier: Architectured nanoparticles for medical and environmentally friendly technologies with Prof. Francesc Teixidor at ICMAB-CSIC.

11.40: Juan David Forero Saboya: Ca and Mg plating and insertion mechanisms: towards Ca and Mg metal anode based batteries with Dr. Alexandre Ponrouch at ICMAB-CSIC.

11.50: José Ignacio Catalán-Toledo: Synthesis and characterization of molecular junctions based on stimuli-responsive organic layers with Dr. Núria Crivillersat ICMAB-CSIC.

12.00: Marta Kubovics: Preparation of Graphene Oxide composite nanoporous materials using supercritical CO2 technology with Dr. Ana M. López-Periago and Dr. Concepción Domingo at ICMAB-CSIC. 

12.10: Sofia Aslanidou: Study of MOSFET interface optimization on Gallium Oxide for power and energy applications with Dr. Philippe Godignon, Dr. Gemma Rius at IMB-CNM-CSIC. 

12.20: Daniel Vera: Innovative technology solutions to explore effects of the microbiome in inflammatory disease: Microbiome-Gut on Chip with Dr. Rosa Villa at IMB-CNM-CSIC. 

12.30: Alejandro Astúa Rosales: Nanoscience/Nanodevices for Health with Prof. José Antonio Garrido and Prof. Laura Lechuga at ICN2.

12.40: Anukriti Pokhriyal: Nanomaterials and Nanofabrication with Prof. Daniel Maspoch and Prof. Pedro Gómez at ICN2.

12.50: Nikki Tagdulang: Particle Beam Size Measurements in Accelerators Using Colloidal Suspensions/Electron Beam Diagnostics Researcher with Dr. Ubaldo Uriso and Dr. Montserrat Pont at ALBA Synchrotron. 

13.00: Tandava Venkata Siva Rama Krishna Tandava: J Advanced catalyst materials and systems for electroconversion of CO2 with Prof. Joan Ramón Morante at IREC.

13.10: Maritta Meyrella Dos Santos Lira: Ceramic 3D-printing of multimaterial energy devices with Dr. Albert Tarancón at IREC. 

Lunch on site (Finger Food)

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