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Highly cited ICMAB articles in 2022 - A year in review

ICMAB has, since 1986 and until this year 2022, over 6,000 publications and 200,000 citations. This year 2022 ICMAB researchers have published, so far, over 210 publications. Some of them are considered highly cited articles. 

28 December 2022

In this post, we share the "Highly cited papers" of 2022, the most cited articles of the last 11 years (since 2012), and the most cited from all the ICMAB history (since 1986).

The most cited article has over 10,000 citations! Do you know which one is it?

Highly cited papers in 2022

With 34 citations, a review on laser processing of graphene materials for energy storage:

Laser processing of graphene and related materials for energy storage: State of the art and future prospects
Kumar, Rajesh; del Pino, Angel Perez; Sahoo, Sumanta; Singh, Rajesh Kumar; Tan, Wai Kian; Kar, Kamal K.; Matsuda, Atsunori; Joanni, Ednan
Progress in Energy and Combustion Science, 91, 100981, 2022

With 29 citations, a review on doping approaches for organic semiconductors: 

Doping Approaches for Organic Semiconductors
Scaccabarozzi, Alberto D.; Basu, Aniruddha; Anies, Filip; Liu, Jian; Zapata-Arteaga, Osnat; Warren, Ross; Firdaus, Yuliar; Nugraha, Mohamad Insan; Lin, Yuanbao; Campoy-Quiles, Mariano; Koch, Norbert; Mueller, Christian; Tsetseris, Leonidas; Heeney, Martin; Anthopoulos, Thomas D.
Chemical Reviews, 122, 4, 4420-4492, 2022

With 17 citations, electromagnetic properties of hexaferrites:

Impact of In3+ cations on structure and electromagnetic state of M-type hexaferrites
Turchenko, Vitalii Alexandrovich; Trukhanov, Sergei Valentnovich; Kostishin, Vladmir Grigor'evich; Damay, Francua; Porcher, Florance; Klygach, Denis Sergeevich; Vakhitov, Maxim Grigor'evich; Matzui, Lyudmila Yur'evna; Yakovenko, Olena Sergeevna; Bozzo, Bernat; Fina, Ignasi; Almessiere, Munirah Abdullah; Slimani, Yassine; Baykal, Abdulhadi; Zhou, Di; Trukhanov, Alex Valentinovich
Journal of Energy Chemistry, 69, 667-676, 2022

These three "Highly cited articles" are the articles with more citations of 2022, and are followed by these other articles:

Toward a Unified Description of Battery Data
Clark, Simon; Bleken, Francesca L.; Stier, Simon; Flores, Eibar; Andersen, Casper Welzel; Marcinek, Marek; Szczesna-Chrzan, Anna; Gaberscek, Miran; Rosa Palacin, M.; Uhrin, Martin; Friis, Jesper
Advanced Energy Materials 12, 17, 2102702, 2022
Citatoins: 10

Approaching the Spin-Statistical Limit in Visible-to-Ultraviolet Photon Upconversion
Olesund, Axel; Johnsson, Jessica; Edhborg, Fredrik; Ghasemi, Shima; Moth-Poulsen, Kasper; Albinsson, Bo
Journal of the American Chemical Society 144, 8, 3706-3716, 2022
Citations: 8

o-Carborane-based fluorophores as efficient luminescent systems both as solids and as water-dispersible nanoparticles
Sinha, Sohini; Kelemen, Zsolt; Humpfner, Evelyn; Ratera, Imma; Malval, Jean-Pierre; Piers Jurado, Jose; Vinas, Clara; Teixidor, Francesc; Nunez, Rosario
Chemical Communications 58, 25, 4016-4019, 2022
Citations: 7

Au/TiO2 2D-Photonic Crystals as UV-Visible Photocatalysts for H2 Production
Torras, Miquel; Molet, Pau; Soler, Lluis; Llorca, Jordi; Roig, Anna; Mihi, Agustin
Advanced Energy Materials 12, 6, 2103733, 2022
Citations: 7

Interfaces and Interphases in Ca and Mg Batteries
Forero-Saboya, Juan D.; Tchitchekova, Deyana S.; Johansson, Patrik; Palacin, M. Rosa; Ponrouch, Alexandre
Advanced Materials Interfaces 9, 8, 2101578, 2022
Citations: 7

Chip-scale solar thermal electrical power generation
Wang, Zhihang; Wu, Zhenhua; Hu, Zhiyu; Orrego-Hernandez, Jessica; Mu, Erzhen; Zhang, Zhao-Yang; Jevric, Martyn; Liu, Yang; Fu, Xuecheng; Wang, Fengdan; Li, Tao; Moth-Poulsen, Kasper
Cell Reports Physical Science 3, 3, 100789, 2022
Citations: 6

Implications of the BATTERY 2030+AI-Assisted Toolkit on Future Low-TRL Battery Discoveries and Chemistries
Bhowmik, Arghya; Berecibar, Maitane; Casas-Cabanas, Montse; Csanyi, Gabor; Dominko, Robert; Hermansson, Kersti; Palacin, M. Rosa; Stein, Helge S.; Vegge, Tejs
Advanced Energy Materials 12, 17, 2102698, 2022
Citations: 6

Engineering pH-Sensitive Stable Nanovesicles for Delivery of MicroRNA Therapeutics
Boloix, Ariadna; Feiner-Gracia, Natalia; Kober, Mariana; Repetto, Javier; Pascarella, Rosa; Soriano, Aroa; Masanas, Marc; Segovia, Nathaly; Vargas-Nadal, Guillem; Merlo-Mas, Josep; Danino, Dganit; Abutbul-Ionita, Inbal; Foradada, Laia; Roma, Josep; Cordoba, Alba; Sala, Santi; Sanchez Toledo, Josep; Gallego, Soledad; Veciana, Jaume; Albertazzi, Lorenzo; Segura, Miguel F.; Ventosa, Nora
Small 18, 3, 2101959, 2022
Citations: 6

Most cited papers of the last 11 years (2012-2022)

We have looked back at our publications, since 2012, to find the 10 articles that have received the highest number of citations. 

Reversible Hydration of CH3NH3Pbl3 in Films, Single Crystals, and Solar Cells
Leguy, Aurelien M. A.; Hu, Yinghong; Campoy-Quiles, Mariano; Isabel Alonso, M.; Weber, Oliver J.; Azarhoosh, Pooya; van Schilfgaarde, Mark; Weller, Mark T.; Bein, Thomas; Nelson, Jenny; Docampo, Pablo; Barnes, Piers R. F.
Chemistry of Materials 27, 9, 3397-3407, 2015
Citations: 913

A nanomechanical mass sensor with yoctogram resolution
Chaste, J.; Eichler, A.; Moser, J.; Ceballos, G.; Rurali, R.; Bachtold, A.
Nature Nanotechnology 7, 5, 300-303, 2012
Citations: 720

In search of an optimized electrolyte for Na-ion batteries
Ponrouch, Alexandre; Marchante, Elena; Courty, Matthieu; Tarascon, Jean-Marie; Rosa Palacin, M.
Energy & Environmental Science 5, 9, 8572-8583, 2012
Citations: 608

Tunable near-infrared and visible-light transmittance in nanocrystal-in-glass composites
Llordes, Anna; Garcia, Guillermo; Gazquez, Jaume; Milliron, Delia J.
Nature 500, 7462, 323, 2013
Citations: 586

Playing with organic radicals as building blocks for functional molecular materials
Ratera, Imma; Veciana, Jaume
Chemical Society Reviews 41, 1, 303-349, 2012
Citations: 560

Deterministic switching of ferromagnetism at room temperature using an electric field
Heron, J. T.; Bosse, J. L.; He, Q.; Gao, Y.; Trassin, M.; Ye, L.; Clarkson, J. D.; Wang, C.; Liu, Jian; Salahuddin, S.; Ralph, D. C.; Schlom, D. G.; Iniguez, J.; Huey, B. D.; Ramesh, R. Nature 18, 516, 7531. 370, 2014
Citations: 466

Room-temperature antiferromagnetic memory resistor
Marti, X.; Fina, I.; Frontera, C.; Liu, Jian; Wadley, P.; He, Q.; Paull, R. J.; Clarkson, J. D.; Kudrnovsky, J.; Turek, I.; Kunes, J.; Yi, D.; Chu, J-H.; Nelson, C. T.; You, L.; Arenholz, E.; Salahuddin, S.; Fontcuberta, J.; Jungwirth, T.; Ramesh, R.
Nature Materials 13, 4, 367-374, 2014
Citations: 462

Why do batteries fail?
Palacin, M. R.; de Guibert, A.
Science 5, 351, 6273, 1253292, 2016
Citations: 458

Towards a calcium-based rechargeable battery
Ponrouch, A.; Frontera, C.; Barde, F.; Palacin, M. R.
Nature Materials 15, 2, 169, 2016
Citations: 454

Non-aqueous electrolytes for sodium-ion batteries
Ponrouch, A.; Monti, D.; Boschin, A.; Steen, B.; Johansson, P.; Palacin, M. R.
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3, 1, 22, 42, 2015
Citations: 447

Most cited papers of all ICMAB history (1986-2022)

If we look back even further, and take a look at the articles with most citations, we see that our most cited article, the one about the SIESTA method published in the Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter, from year 2002, has now more than 10,000 citations! Congratulations!

The SIESTA method for ab initio order-N materials simulation
Soler, JM; Artacho, E; Gale, JD; Garcia, A; Junquera, J; Ordejon, P; Sanchez-Portal, D
Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 14 ,11, 2745-2779 PII S0953-8984(02)30737-9, 2002
Citations: 10,128

The article in second position, as over 4,000 citations, and is about density-function method for nonequilibrium electron transport, from the same year 2002 in Physical Review B:

Density-functional method for nonequilibrium electron transport
Brandbyge, M; Mozos, JL; Ordejon, P; Taylor, J; Stokbro, K
Physical Review B 65, 16, 165401, 2002
Citations: 4,351

The third most cited article i study on hydrogen-bonds from year 1998 in Chemical Physics Letters:

Hydrogen bond strengths revealed by topological analyses of experimentally observed electron densities
Espinosa, E; Molins, E; Lecomte, C
Chemical Physics Letters 285, 3-4, 170-173, 1998
Citations: 2,489

And the one in fourth position, a one in Li-ion batteries from year 2010, published on Advanced Materials:

Beyond Intercalation-Based Li-Ion Batteries: The State of the Art and Challenges of Electrode Materials Reacting Through Conversion Reactions
Cabana, Jordi; Monconduit, Laure; Larcher, Dominique; Rosa Palacin, M.
Advanced Materials 22, 35, E170, E192, 2010
Citations: 1,930

Check out here the others in the list:

From weak to strong interactions: A comprehensive analysis of the topological and energetic properties of the electron density distribution involving X-H center dot center dot center dot F-Y systems
Espinosa, E; Alkorta, I; Elguero, J; Molins, E
Journal of Chemical Physics 117, 12, 5529-5542, 2002
Citations: 1,313

Recent advances in rechargeable battery materials: a chemist's perspective
Rosa Palacin, M.
Chemical Society Reviews 38, 9, 2565-2575, 2009
Citations: 1,075

Raman-Spectroscopic characterization of some commercially available carbon-black materials
Jawhari, T.; Roig, A.; Casado, J.
Carbon 33, 11, 1561-1565, 1995
Citations: 993

Old materials with new tricks: multifunctional open-framework materials
Maspoch, Daniel; Ruiz-Molina, Daniel; Veciana, Jaume
Chemical Society Reviews 36, 5, 770-818, 2007
Citations: 988

Reversible Hydration of CH3NH3Pbl3 in Films, Single Crystals, and Solar Cells
Leguy, Aurelien M. A.; Hu, Yinghong; Campoy-Quiles, Mariano; Isabel Alonso, M.; Weber, Oliver J.; Azarhoosh, Pooya; van Schilfgaarde, Mark; Weller, Mark T.; Bein, Thomas; Nelson, Jenny; Docampo, Pablo; Barnes, Piers R. F.
Chemistry of Materials 27, 9, 3397-3407, 2015
Citations: 913

Tunnel junctions with multiferroic barriers
Gajek, Martin; Bibes, Manuel; Fusil, Stephane; Bouzehouane, Karim; Fontcuberta, Josep; Barthelemy, Agnes; Fert, Albert
Nature Materials 6, 4, 296-302, 2007
Citations: 852

Not bad! Congratulations to all ICMAB researchers for this amazing work!

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Note: The data has been gathered from the Web of Science-Core collection, as of 23/12/2022. Some articles may be accepted but not yet added to the Web of Science-Core collection, and thus the final data of 2022 can vary. Thank you for your understanding. 

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