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High Q-Factor Plasmonic Surface Lattice Resonances in Colloidal Nanoparticle Arrays
25 December 2023
Surface lattice resonances (SLRs) sustained by ordered metal arrays are characterized by their narrow spectral features, remarkable quality factors, and the ability to tune their spectral properties based on the periodicity of the array. However, the majority of these structures are fabricated using classical lithographic processes or require postannealing steps at high temperatures to enhance the quality of the metal.
These limitations hinder the widespread utilization of these periodic metal arrays in various applications. In this work, we use the scalable technique of template-assisted assembly of metal colloids to produce plasmonic supercrystals over centimeter areas capable of sustaining SLRs with high Q factors reaching up to 270. Our approach obviates the need for any postprocessing, offering a streamlined and efficient fabrication route. Furthermore, our method enables extensive tunability across the entire visible and near-infrared spectral ranges, empowering the design of tailored plasmonic resonant structures for a wide range of applications.
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High Q-Factor Plasmonic Surface Lattice Resonances in Colloidal Nanoparticle Arrays

Xiaoyu Qi, Luis Alberto Pérez*, Maria Isabel Alonso, and Agustín Mihi*

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2023, XXXX, XXX, XXX-XXX
Publication Date:November 27, 2023