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High interdisciplinarity and leadership within ICMAB researchers according to their h-index

A large number of ICMAB researchers are among those researchers in Spain with high h-index in many different disciplines: Applied Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Crystallography, Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Multidisciplinary Chemistry, and Multidisciplinary Materials Science, according to the Web of Science. 

The website h-webcindario ( from GRUPO DIH, which compiles the h-index numbers from the researchers based in Spain, has done now the yearly update The h-index numbers are collected from the Web of Science ISI website, which is of free access for the research centers through FECYT.

16 January 2018

The h-webcindario website includes the list of the researchers of all Spain, divided in different disciplines, which have a h-index number higher than a certain threshold value, which is different for each discipline. The threshold value is the half value of the  head of each list. Many ICMAB researchers do overcome this value anad appear on the ranking; other researchers, although having high h-index numbers, do not overcome the thresold values for their discipline.

Barcelona is the Spanish province with more researchers in the ranking (547) and with more research fields in which they work (10) (data from 2016).

The following list depicts only the ICMAB researchers that appear on the h-webcindario website

Applied Physics (h > 32):

  • Xavier Obradors h-index: 48
  • Josep Fontcuberta h-index: 47
  • Benjamín Martínez h-index: 37
  • Lluís Balcells h-index: 33 

Condensed Matter Physics (h > 39): 

  • Enric Canadell h-index: 49
  • Josep Fontcuberta h-index: 47

Crystallography (h > 18): 

  • Jordi Rius h-index: 29/31
  • Carles Miravitlles h-index: 29/30

Multidisciplinary Chemistry (h > 39): 

  • Jaume Veciana h-index: 56
  • Concepció Rovira h-index: 53

Multidisciplinary Materials Science (h > 39): 

  • Concepció Rovira h-index: 53

Nucelar and Inorganic Chemistry (h > 37): 

  • Elies Molins h-index: 48
  • Francesc Teixidor h-index: 47/48
  • Clara Viñas h-index: 45/46

Organic Chemistry (h > 36): 

  • Elies Molins h-index: 48

*The researchers with two numbers: the first number is the h-index according to Webcindario (; and the second one is the current (10/01/2018)  h-index according to Web of Science-Core Collection. Science Citation Index Expanded.

For more information, contact our Librarian & Documentalist, Alejandro Santos (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 


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