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Grenoble Barcelona twin conference: From quantum systems to new materials and smart electrical energy

The goal of the first Grenoble Barcelona Twin Conference, celebrated at the CNRS Campus in Grenoble on 23-25 October, is to put together Barcelona and Grenoble scientists working on condensed matter, quantum physics, materials science and electrical engineering. Many ICMAB researchers have participated in the meeting! 

23 October 2019

Logo from headerThe meeting is organized into three parallel sessions, covering the following topics:

  • Quantum systems: includes quantum fluids, quantum gases, superconducting circuits, quantum information, optomechanics and quantum thermodynamics
  • New materials: includes spintronics and nano-biology with two-dimensional materials, nanoporous graphene and oxide films
  • Smart energy: includes power electronics and power systems,
  • Magnetism: includes film materials and spintronics with oxides

The ICMAB researchers will give the following talks:

  • Xavier Obradors: Advances in processing and applications of high critical current YBa2Cu3O7-x coated conductor
  • Josep Fontcuberta: Electroresistance in epitaxial ferroelectric HfO2-based thin films
  • Xavier Torrelles: Structural reconstructions of the polar (111) SrTiO3 surface
  • Massimiliano Stengel: First-principles theory of flexoelectricity and related materials properties

Other Research Centers and Universities from Barcelona are also in this international strategic meeting, including IREC, ICFO, ICN2, UAB, UPC and IFAE

A poster session is also planned, as well as a round table on education, a presentation of collaborative projects funding, and laboratory visits.

The ICMAB researchers will present the following posters:

  • Josep Fontcuberta: On the Role of Interfaces on Spin Transport in Magnetic Insulator/Normal Metal Heterostructures
  • Josep Fontcuberta: Correlated electronic systems as transparent conductors

The conference started on Wednesday, October 23 at 1:30 pm, and finished on Friday, October 25, at 2 pm.

grenoble uni

President of the University of Grenoble during his presentation.

This conference is organized within the actions of the labex LANEFLANEF is a ‘Laboratoire d’Excellence’ that associates five fundamental research labs based in Grenoble: Institut Néel, INAC, G2ELab, LNCMI and LPMMC. It coordinates 740 scientists, engineers, technicians, and 400 PhD students and postdocs, in condensed matter, nanosciences, and electrical engineering. The Director of the LANEF network is currently Olivier Buisson

See the conference website HERE

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