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Maria Elisabet

González Mira

Contact data:

Extension: 436252
Direct phone: 932557386
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Department: MNOM


Post-doctoral researcher of CIBERBBN in the NANOMOL research group at the Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC) since Dec. 2014. Extensive training in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences: Ph.D. Pharm. from the University of Barcelona (UB), Master degree in Research, Development and Control of Medicines (2007), and Experimental Master in Pharmaceutical Sciencies (2004). During her research experience, she has gained a broad experience in the manufacture, physicochemical characterization and in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo preclinical studies of new types of nanoparticulate systems, mainly composed of lipids and polymers, for the delivery of APIs across biological barriers. International experience as a researcher at the Institute of Pharmacy of the Freie Universitaet (Berlin, Germany), at the Faculty of “Ciencias da Saude” of the University of Porto (Portugal) and at the Institute of Biopharmaceutical Technology of the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen - University of Applied Sciences (Giessen, Germany), where she got training in the toxicological field using cell cultures. Previous professional career: Assistant Professor at the Physical-Chemistry Department, Faculty of Pharmacy of the UB (2006-2014) and Project manager at the pharmaceutical company ASCIL Biopharm (Apr. 2014 – Dec. 2014).