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"From spin to orbital currents in solids: the latest frontiers in electronics" by Tatiana G. Rappoport (Thursday, 30 November 2023)

"From spin to orbital currents in solids: the latest frontiers in electronics" by Tatiana G. Rappoport , Centro de Física, Universidade do Minho, Portugal
Opening Conference of the School on Orbital Currents

Thursday, 30 November 2023, 12 PM, ICMAB - Sala d'Actes Carles Miravitlles/ONLINE

06 November 2023


This introductory talk aims to explore the connection between spintronics and the emerging field of orbitronics. Spintronics, known for its use of electron spin for information manipulation, has made significant contributions to electronic devices. However, spintronics depends on the conversion of charge into spin currents and vice versa, driven by spin-orbit coupling. However, this mechanism's effectiveness is constrained by the limited availability and high cost of materials.
Orbitronics, on the other hand, offers an alternative approach. It harnesses the orbital angular momentum of electrons in solids, eliminating the need for materials with strong spin–orbit coupling.

The presentation will begin with an overview of the fundamental principles and key effects in spintronics, such as giant magnetoresistance (GMR) and spin-transfer torque (STT). We will then introduce orbitronics and the motivations to study its phenomena, emphasizing its potential in connection with spintronics. Throughout the discussion, we will draw parallels between spintronics and orbitronics, highlighting similarities and differences between their main effects. Join us in this exploration of spintronics and orbitronics for their potential in shaping the future of information processing.


Tatiana G. Rappoport is a Principal Investigator at the Physics Center of Minho University in Portugal and concurrently holds the position of Associate Professor at the Physics Institute of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (on a leave of absence). As a condensed matter theoretician, her research is centered around investigating the spin, charge, and optical characteristics of two-dimensional materials, with a strong emphasis on spintronics and the exploration of topological states of matter. In recent years, she has redirected her research efforts towards the emerging field of orbitronics in two-dimensional materials.

Host: Josep Fontcuberta, ICMAB-CSIC

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