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Tech transfer

CSIC presents a new catalogue with its 100 technologies with the greatest commercial potential

Among them, there are 10 ICMAB technologies!

29 April 2024

On the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day, which is celebrated every year on April 26, the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), under the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, presents a free catalogue that compiles a hundred of its cutting-edge technologies in areas of knowledge such as agriculture, biotechnology, energy and humanities, among others. The technologies presented are at an advanced level of development, propose innovative approaches and offer advantages over those already commercialized, which places them in a prominent position for their transfer to the market with the aim of contributing to the development of society.

The ten ICMAB technologies are the following:

The newspaper Cinco Días published an article talking about this catalog, mentioning the litium filled nanocapsules for cancer treatment on its heading, from ICMAB researcher Gerard Tobías, in the Solid State Chemistry Research Unit.

Furthermore, TVE has published an article where they talk about different technologies, among them the electrochemical sensor for detecting water pollutants, developed by ICMAB researcher César Fernández.
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