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PhD Theses

Congratulations Dr. Nerea González Pato, new ICMAB PhD graduate!

Doctor Nerea González Pato from the Nanomol-Bio group at ICMAB, CSIC defended her PhD thesis "Smart nanomaterials based on organic radicals for electronic and biological applications" on Friday, 2 June 2023 at ICMAB. 

08 June 2023
Doctor Nerea González | ICMAB, CSIC
Doctor Nerea González | ICMAB, CSIC

The PhD thesis was supervised by Imma Ratera, from the Nanomol-Bio group, at ICMAB-CSIC.

The PhD Committee that evaluated the Thesis was formed by Daniel Jaque García, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM), Spain (President), Arántzazu González Campo, ICMAB-CSIC (Secretary) and Andrea Lapini, Università di Parma (Unipir), Italy (Vocal).

Doctor Nerea González Pato PhD thesis was part of the PhD in Materials Science from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB).

nerea 2

Nerea González with the PhD committee | ICMAB, CSIC

Why did you choose ICMAB for your PhD?

I had the opportunity to do the master thesis on the same group and I liked the dynamic of the group, the people was very nice, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to do my PhD at ICMAB.

How would you explain your research to a non-scientific audience?

I have prepared orgnaic materials and studied their applications for possible electronic devices and also in biomedicine, to understand and develop new materials to improve the performance of the current materials.

What are the main applications of your research? Could you give us an example?

My thesis is mainly focused on two main applications, in the electronic field, for example to develop a molecular switch. On the other hand, I have studied some biological applications of the molecules that I have synthetised. The one that I enjoyed the most was the development of a nanothermometer to sense temperature at very small scale.

From the lessons learnt here, which one do you value the most?

I have learnt a lot, I can't only choose one... I have learnt a lot about science, but also the PhD is a great opportunity to develop other skills such as teamwork, never give-up, and there is also time to enjoy!

What will you miss the most from ICMAB?

The people that I have met here, my friends from the group, but also people with whom I have interacted during these time at ICMAB.

How do you think this experience will contribute to your training and to your future?

I hope this will help me achieve my objectives and always try to fight for what I want without giving up.

What are your plans once you finish your PhD? 

I would like to do research in the industry.

What do you wish you had known at the beginning of your PhD, that you can recommend to the ones who are starting?

I think is important to know that a PhD is a journy that you will enjoy but also there will be moments where you ask yourself why you are doing this. My recommendation is that if something is not working, open your mind and look for an alternative, there is always another way, and the end of the journey is very pleasant. And also, ask for help, we cannot know everything, but this multidisciplinary world is fantatic to learn from other's expertise.

Why did you become a scientist? Who have been your role models?

Since I was little I like science, I was lost on what to study but I knew it would be something related with science. Later during my bachelor, I had a professor that encouraged me to follow this path... Until today that I have become a Doctor!

Let us know who are your favourite scientists (man and woman). Why?

I think Marie Curie is one of the referents but also Margarita Salas is one of my favourites from our country.

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Nerea González with Jaume Veciana and Imma Ratera (supervisor) | ICMAB, CSIC

Congratulations, Doctor Nerea González Pato!

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