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Title Published Date
Single─Not Double─3D-Aromaticity in an Oxidized Closo Icosahedral Dodecaiodo-Dodecaborate Cluster 17 November 2023
New Cover in Small on ratiometric nanothermometers 27 September 2023
New Cover in Chemical Reviews on in situ growth of plasmonic gold nanostructures 13 July 2023
New Cover in Advanced Sensor Research on tuneable magnetoresistive sensors 21 February 2023
New Cover in Journal of Materials Chemistry B on Boron clusters as radiosensitizers 19 January 2023
New Cover in Journal of Materials Chemistry A on bioplastics for photon upconversion 04 November 2022
New Cover in Materials Horizons on controlling ferroelectric polarization state with light 26 September 2022
New Cover in Advanced Materials in ordered arrays of gold nanoparticles 20 September 2022
New Cover in ChemComm on boron-based luminescent nanoparticles 13 April 2022
New cover in Materials Advances on plasmonic infrared sunlight absorbers 30 March 2022
Congratulations Dr. Songbai Zhang, new ICMAB Graduate 24 November 2021
New Cover in The Journal of Physical Chemistry C on how water nanofilms affect solid-medium interactions 14 September 2021
Welcome Daniel Sánchez Rodríguez at ICMAB! 24 August 2021
New Cover in "Advanced Materials" on simulated microgravity to synthesize 2D materials 05 August 2021
New Cover in Advanced Therapeutics on a new scalable technology for the preparation of novel nanopharmaceuticals for wound healing 21 June 2021
New Cover in “Journal of Materials C” on chirality influenced electronic transport in molecular conductors 25 May 2021
Soft‐Chemistry‐Assisted On‐Chip Integration of Nanostructured α‐Quartz Microelectromechanical System 30 March 2021
New Cover in "Advanced Materials Technologies" on Quartz-based cantilevers 16 March 2021
New Cover in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces on combinatorial screening of superconductors 01 March 2021
New Cover in "ChemNanoMat" on mesoporous silica nanorods as nanomotors 02 February 2021
New COVER in "Organometallics" on boron-based antimicrobial and antifungal agents 28 December 2020
New COVER in Chemistry. A European Journal for borane-based fluorescent molecular switches 02 December 2020
New COVER in Angewandte Chemie on nanoimprinting litography of perovskite nanocrystals 03 September 2020
New COVER in Materials Horizons for the article "Local manipulation of metamagnetism by strain nanopatterning" 27 August 2020
"Could calcium provide a new sustainable approach for battery technology applications?" The CARBAT project featured in FETFX 04 June 2020
New COVER! The aromaticity of boron clusters makes it to the Front Cover of JACS! 22 May 2020
With great sadness we share the news of the death of Prof. Albert Figueras 23 April 2020
"New opportunities for Boron in medicine" in the Catalan magazine L'Atzavara 17 March 2020
New COVER in Chemistry. A European Journal: an active organic radical stable agains racemization! 25 February 2020
#ICMAB11F: Celebrating the International Day of Women and Girls in Science at the ICMAB 05 February 2020
New COVER in Advanced Energy Materials: A treasure map to find the best performance of organic solar cells! 08 January 2020
The project "The energy of the future: from the lab to the classroom" has been awarded with a FGCSIC "Cuenta la Ciencia" grant 23 December 2019
Spontaneous in-flight assembly of magnetic nanoparticles into macroscopic chains 18 October 2019
The ICMAB receives one ERC Proof of Concept Grant for enabling high-temperature superconducting technologies 25 July 2019
Metallacarboranes on the Road to Anticancer Therapies: Cellular Uptake, DNA Interaction, and Biological Evaluation of Cobaltabisdicarbollide [COSAN]− 02 January 2019
High‐Throughput Multiparametric Screening of Solution Processed Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells 20 December 2018
Congratulations to UABDIVULGA, Premi Nacional de Comunicació Científica 16 October 2018
Crystalline, Phononic, and Electronic Properties of Heterostructured Polytypic Ge Nanowires by Raman Spectroscopy 05 October 2018
Cu(II)–N6-Alkyladenine Complexes: Synthesis, X-ray Characterization and Magnetic Properties 24 July 2018
Discovery of Potent EGFR Inhibitors through the Incorporation of a 3D-Aromatic-Boron-Rich-Cluster into the 4-Anilinoquinazoline Scaffold: Potential Drugs for Glioma Treatment 06 February 2018
Electric and Mechanical Switching of Ferroelectric and Resistive States in Semiconducting BaTiO3–δ Films on Silicon 30 November 2017
Frontispiece: Small-Molecule Kinase-Inhibitors-Loaded Boron Cluster as Hybrid Agents for Glioma-Cell-Targeting Therapy 28 August 2017
Carborane–stilbene dyads: the influence of substituents and cluster isomers on photoluminescence properties 02 March 2017
Potassium Disorder in the Defect Pyrochlore KSbTeO6: A Neutron Diffraction Study 13 January 2017
Icosahedral boron clusters: a perfect tool for the enhancement of polymer features 01 August 2016
Mariano Campoy gana el Premio de las RSEF-Fundación BBVA en la categoría de Investigador Novel en Física Experimental 2012 23 January 2013
Pilas de combustible. Energía sin humos 03 June 2009