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Title Published Date
Obertes les inscripcions al curs de formació en electrònica impresa, que tindrà lloc de març a juliol de 2024 07 January 2024
22 NOV 2023: Taula rodona per conscienciar sobre la violència masclista 16 November 2023
Low Temperatures Characterization Techniques Workshop, 9 November 2023 07 November 2023
Thermal Analysis Service: Approach to the technique and Access to the Service , 20 November 2023 07 November 2023
Save the date: ORBITAL CURRENTS IN SOLIDS, from 30 November to 1 December 2023 29 September 2023
The InCAEM project is presented to the Catalan scientific community 17 April 2023
InCAEM Workshop at ALBA Synchrotron on advanced materials imaging 09 March 2023
"Very fruitful lectures and discussions" at the ARPES 2023 school 16 February 2023
The new Scientific Meeting of PhD candidates is back! #JPhD2023 31 January 2023
Severo Ochoa School: Angle Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy #ARPES2023 05 December 2022
New edition of the Soft Lab course on characterization and preparation of particulate materials 19 October 2022
"An eye-opening experience" at ACTIVE 2022 Severo Ochoa workshop 13 October 2022
Register to ACTIVE2022 workshop: Electrical and optical active molecular materials for bio-applications 25 July 2022
"Panoramic perspective" in the school SURE 2022 on sustainable materials for energy 18 July 2022
New Online Spintronics Journal Club: First session on 29 April 2022 25 April 2022
ICMAB celebrates the week for Safety and Health at work 2022 21 April 2022
ICMAB will host SURE 2022: a summer school on sustainable materials for energy with EPNOE and ESEIA 24 March 2022
One more year, the JPhD meeting breaks participation records! 20 December 2021
New workshop on the Fundamentals of Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (STEM) Imaging and Spectroscopy 29 November 2021
The return of the JPhD meeting (on 25-26 November 2021) 19 November 2021
Call for Abstracts for the European Conference on Boron Chemistry (EuroBoron9) in Barcelona 17 November 2021
"Del primer STM a Catalunya als microscopis actuals" (UAB, 16 Nov 2021) 05 November 2021
Veciana & Rovira workshop honors the legacy of two of ICMABs remarkable researchers 28 October 2021
Aguilar Larruy, Jordi [Project Researcher] 26 October 2021
Polarization and Resistive Switching in Epitaxial 2 nm Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 Tunnel Junctions 01 October 2021
Coming soon! SOPHOT: Severo Ochoa Workshop on Phononics and Thermal Transport 28 September 2021
The 2021 Journal Citation Reports is here! #JCR2021 29 July 2021
More than 60 participants at the DOC-FAM School EMERGING 2021 07 July 2021
Veciana & Rovira: ONLINE Workshop on research and innovation in the field of molecular materials 17 June 2021
FOTICMAB 2021: the ICMAB multimedia contest is open! 02 June 2021
CRYSTALMATCH 2021: First crystallization contest at ICMAB 20 May 2021
You can now register for EMERGING 2021, the DOC-FAM School 30 April 2021
"A PhD is much more than scientific knowledge" 24 March 2021
Inclusive language course organized by the Gender Equality Committee 08 March 2021
Are you interested in literature and nanoscience? This contest is for you! 25 February 2021
Third edition of the course on "Characterization techniques for Particulate Materials" by the Soft Lab 12 November 2020
The JPhD2020 closes this edition having achieved the highest participation ever! 18 September 2020
The 5th Scientific Meeting of PhD Students #JPhD2020 is now LIVE! 17 September 2020
Meslier, Thomas Leo Victor [Lab Technician] 04 May 2020
Workshop ALBA-ICMAB: a successful meeting to create more synergies between the two institutions 06 March 2020
IEC, 23-24 MARCH 2020: Research and innovation in the field of molecular materials, in honour of Prof. Veciana and Prof. Rovira on their 70th birthday 02 December 2019
Workshop on Good Lab Practices: UV/Vis, Pipetting and pH 06 November 2019
Meet the Scientific Equipment Platforms of ICMAB! 28 October 2019
Open Access at ICMAB: “Send me the postprint so we can deposit it at Digital 23 October 2019
The Soft Lab hosts a CSIC course on "Characterization techniques for Particulate Materials" 07 October 2019
South Korean Flexible Electronics workshop 11 July 2019
Gender Equality in Research Centers at the ICMAB “¿Y a mí, qué me aporta la igualdad?” 14 March 2019
Post-Doctoral Research Associate for the Coherent Soft X-ray Scattering (CSX) beamline in Brookhaven National Laboratory 01 March 2019
The Gender Equality Committe at the LIBRA workshop on “How to design, implement and follow-up a Gender Equality Plan” 14 February 2019
José Jurado, Milena Cervo and Jan Grzelak received their INPhINIT "la Caixa" fellowship at Caixaforum 04 July 2018
Open call: L'ORÉAL-UNESCO Research Awards for Women in Science 2017 20 April 2017
Núria Aliaga, Massimiliano Stengel and Gerard Tobias achieve three Consolidator Grants in the last call of the ERC 18 November 2016
Albumin-coated SPIONs: an experimental and theoretical evaluation of protein conformation, binding affinity and competition with serum proteins 13 June 2016
Turning Microscopic Images into 3D Printable Files 02 December 2014