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Chemical Synthesis of La0.75Sr0.25CrO3 Thin Films for p-Type Transparent Conducting Electrodes
30 June 2023
The imperative need for highly performant and stable p-type transparent electrodes based on abundant metals is stimulating the research on perovskite oxide thin films. Moreover, exploring the preparation of these materials with the use of cost-efficient and scalable solution-based techniques is a promising approach to extract their full potential. Herein, we present the design of a chemical route, based on metal nitrate precursors, for the preparation of pure phase La0.75Sr0.25CrO3 (LSCO) thin films to be used as a p-type transparent conductive electrode.
Different solution chemistries have been evaluated to ultimately obtain dense, epitaxial, and almost relaxed LSCO films. Optical characterization of the optimized LSCO films reveals promising high transparency with ∼67% transmittance while room temperature resistivity values are 1.4 Ω·cm. It is suggested that the presence of structural defects, i.e., antiphase boundaries and misfit dislocations, affects the electrical behavior of LSCO films. Monochromated electron energy loss spectroscopy allowed changes in the electronic structure in LSCO films to be determined, revealing the creation of Cr4+ and unoccupied states at the O 2p upon Sr-doping. This work offers a new venue to prepare and further investigate cost-effective functional perovskite oxides with potential to be used as p-type transparent conducting electrodes and be easily integrated in many oxide heterostructures.
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Chemical Synthesis of La0.75Sr0.25CrO3 Thin Films for p-Type Transparent Conducting Electrodes

Pamela Machado, Roger Guzmán, Ramon J. Morera, Jordi Alcalà, Anna Palau, Wu Zhou, and Mariona Coll*

Chem. Mater. 2023, 35, 9, 3513–3521
Publication Date:April 13, 2023