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Casañ Pastor

Electrochemistry and Electroactive Materials

Energy storage and production, and Bioapplications. Gradient Materials and wireless electrochemistry

Contact data:

Extension: 436275
Direct phone: 932557275
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Department: Solid State Chemistry



Casañ Pastor, Nieves


Date of assignement: 01/03/1990
Date and place of birth: 1959 Valencia

Research interest

Electrochemistry of oxides: oxygen intercalation at low temperature; modulation of physical properties by electrochemical doping

Electrochemical solid state transformations: oxides and metals.

Electrodeposition over metallic or insulating substrates.

ELECTROPHORESIS of suspensions of YBaCuO, and other oxides

CO2 electrochemical reduction with oxide catalysts

Graphene electrochemical production with high yield with and without surfactants,

Graphene-Oxide Hybrid formation for electrode coatings.

Iridium, Iridium oxides, Transparent conductive coatings for electrodes

Copper-silver oxides new phases, bidimensional ferromagnetism and conduction

Iron oxides electrodeposition

Bismuth Electrodeposition for XRay absorbers

Conducting polymers, Polypyrrole and PEDOT with aminoacid counterions and biologically active molecules

Mixed-valence oxides: Novel routes of synthesis involving electrochemistry at low temperatures in aqueous, organic or fused salts systems

Clusters of oxides: Polyocxometalates of Ir, W and Mo.

Influence of the mixed valence delocalized electrons in their physical properties, and nanostructuring HYBRIDS.

Electroactive materials for Neural growth . Electrochemical modulation of its properties.

Electric fields and Neural Growth and Repair with Large Charge Capacity Nanostructured electrodes

University Degrees:

BS Chemistry, Universidad de Valencia, 1981,


Master Chemistry 1982


  PH.D. in Chemistry, Georgetown University, Washington DC (USA), 1988



Oxides and Oxide clusters (POM),

Mixed valence, solid state transformations


 Hybrid Materials, ex. Oxide-nanocarbons/ conducting polymer-oxides

Energy applications: batteries and supercapacitors

Bioelectrodes for electrostimulation 


Intercalation processes, charge storage and delivery


Graphene electrochemical production 

Most significative academic merits:

Member of ACS from 1986
  Member of Sigma Xi from 1986
  Member of the Electrochemical Society
  Member of the CSIC Scientific  Advisory Board  2012-2018


Price Young researcher Volkswagen CSIC 1995   Price Fundacion Domingo Martinez 2000   Marató TV3, 2011-2015

Scientific Highlights: