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"Adaptive Mixed Conducting Polymer Films for Switchable Devices" by Sabine Ludwigs (Mon, 13 November 2023)

Adaptive Mixed Conducting Polymer Films for Switchable Devices

by Sabine Ludwigs, IPOC – Functional Polymers, Institute of Polymer Chemistry, University of Stuttgart

Monday, 13 November 2023
12 PM (coffee and cookies served at 11:45 AM)
ICMAB - Sala d'Actes Carles Miravitlles / ONLINE

06 November 2023


The presentation will give an overview over recent studies in my team about design and processing of multifunctional polymer materials for opto-electronic and switchable technologies including actuators and sensors. A particular focus will be put on polymeric mixed ionic electronic conductors, i.e. materials which combine electronic and ionic transport in one material system. The influence of environmental conditions, such as relative humidity and electrochemical triggers will be discussed and new insights into the understanding of structure-function relationships will be given.


Sabine Ludwigs has been a full professor of polymer chemistry since 2010 and holds the Chair of Structure and Properties of Polymeric Materials at the Institute of Polymer Chemistry of the University of Stuttgart. After diploma studies of chemistry and a dissertation in physical chemistry in 2004 at the University of Bayreuth, she worked as a postdoc at the Cavendish Laboratory of the University of Cambridge for two years. From 2006 until 2010 she set up her own independent group at the University of Freiburg, e.g. by funding via an Emmy Noether grant of the German Science Foundation. Since October she has been co-speaker of a graduate training group on Mixed Ionic-Electronic Transport of Heidelberg University and the University of Stuttgart (RTG 2948).

Hosted by Esther Barrena, ICMAB-CSIC

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