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2nd Open call 2023 for preferential access to NANBIOSIS ICTS units

NANBIOSIS opens in June the 2nd competitive open call 2023 for its “Cutting-Edge Biomedical Solutions” and services. At ICMAB we host the U6 of NANBIOSIS: Biomaterial Processing and Nanostructuring Unit. 

02 June 2023

NANBIOSIS is a Research Infrastructure for Biomedicine with the participation of the Platforms of the Centre de Ivesntigación Biomedica en Red (CIBER- in the area of Bioengineering, Biomaterials, and Nanomedicine -CIBER-BBN), the Preclinical Infrastructure and the Development of Minimally Invasive Technologies, of the Jesús Usón Minimally Invasive Surgery Center (CCMIJU) and the Nanoimaging unit of the Biomedical Research Institute of Malaga-Nanomedicine Platform (IBIMA-BIONAND Platform).

NANBIOSIS as part of the Spanish Map of ICTS (Scientific and Technical Unique Infrastructures), approved by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, is open to all interested national and international users who may come either from the public or the private sector, and who can apply for access under the “Competitive Open Access” or “Access on Demand” modalities.

20% of the NANBIOSIS Units’ capacity is granted on the Competitive Open Access modality and will be prioritized according to scientific and technical quality criteria and to the singularity of the proposals. There are 2 calls per year for open and competitive access that allow the prioritisation of the best service proposals. 

The 2nd call of 2023 opens on June 1 and applications can be submitted until 30 June 2023. Access application forms submitted after the deadline will be processed as Access on Demand” applications.

Proposals granted in the open and competitive access modalities must meet, at least, one of the circumstances listed in the access application form (“order request“), in order to demmonstrate their scientifc and technical quality or singularity. For example, applications related to R&D projects funded through national or European calls are eligible, as well as the need to carry out one of the NANBIOSIS “Cutting-Edge Biomedical Solutions” that implies the interaction of several Units, among others.

Unit 6 at ICMAB: Biomaterial Processing and Nanostructuring

Take a look at the services offered by Unit 6 of NANBIOSIS, located at ICMAB here. Unit 6 gathers several laboratories, perfectly equipped, for the development, characterization, and large-scale production of molecular biomaterials of therapeutic or biomedical interest, with controlled micro-, nano- and supramolecular structure. NANBIOSIS Unit 6 works under the ISO9001 certification for standard quality control system. 

Download here the NANBIOSIS brochure with its Cutting-Edge Biomedical Solutions or visit here the NANBIOSIS website

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