Transmission Electron Microscopy

Transmission Electron Microscopy

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25 October 2010
Barcelona, Spain


Sala d’Actes ICMAB
Campus UAB, Bellaterra

INSCRIPTION: www.icmab.cat/jtem2010

Barcelona, 25th October 2010


New materials for future applications are nowadays being synthesized at nanoscale (ultrathin layers, nanoparticles, nanowires, soft matter nanostructures or nanotubes, functionalized for novel applications).

As developments in Materials Science are pushing to the size limits of physics and chemistry, there is a critical need for the structural, chemical and morphological characterization of the synthesized nanostructures at atomic scale in order to correlate these results with the physical and chemical properties and functionalities they have. In this way, a worldwide increasing interest for electron microscopy is emerging. Imagine being able to hold an electron beam over a single atom for 2 entire seconds in order to actually directly see and acquire information. As R. Feynman dreamed in 1959: “It would be very easy to make an analysis of any complicated substance; all one would have to do would be to look at it and see where the atoms are... I put this out as a challenge: Is there no way to make the electron microscope more powerful?”, and the answer nowadays is “YES, we can make it and SEE single atoms!”. The advent of aberration-corrected transmission electron microscopy technology is now giving resolutions below 0.05 nanometers enabling single atoms to be directly viewed and analyzed.

The aim of the present workshop is to show the possibilities and top applications of the modern electron microscopy as well as to offer an overview of the newly and improved techniques related to the electron microscopy and spectroscopy applied to materials science.

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