Open PhD position at Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) in Grenoble: Spin-crossover molecular-based materials for efficient carbon capture and release

Spin-crossover molecular-based materials for efficient carbon capture and release. The role of anthropogenic CO2 emissions as a major contributor to climate change is nowadays beyond discussion and a proposed way to mitigate these effects in the medium term is to employ carbon capture and sequestration or recycling.

CO2 capture using porous compounds relies in the selective adsorption of CO2 from a flue gas. By increasing temperature or pressure CO2 is desorbed and the cost of the process is related to the working capacity, i.e. the difference between the amount of adsorbed CO2 at adsorption and desorption conditions. Here we propose to design novel materials that can more efficiently adsorb and desorb CO2. We propose to design materials whose affinity for CO2 can be modified upon a change in their electronic structure, here spin-crossover, allowing for a larger working capacity. Spin-crossover may occur in transition-metal complexes (d4-d7 electrons) where the competition between the electron pairing energy and the ligand field splitting yields two possible electronic configurations (low-spin and high-spin) that can be inter-converted upon the application of external perturbations (temperature, pressure, etc).

Starting date: October 2018;
Supervisors & contact info: Roberta Poloni (roberta.poloni@grenoble-inp.fr, SIMaP&CNRS, Grenoble), Jose Sanchez Costa (jose.sanchezcosta@imdea.org, IMDEA, Madrid) and Alberto Rodriguez Velamazan (velamazan@ill.fr, ILL, Grenoble);
How to apply: please send a cover letter, a detailed CV including academic records, and names and contact of at least two referees to the three supervisors;
Salary: 3-years funding with gross salary of around 2350 euros/month (for more details see https://www.ill.eu/careers/all-our-vacancies/phd-recruitment/phd-work-at-the-ill/).

More information here and in this website: https://www.ill.eu/careers/all-our-vacancies/phd-recruitment/open-phd-positions/

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