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The incredible Hückel. A back cover of Chem. Eur. J.

Jordi Poater (ICREA Research Professor at Univ. Barcelona, ex-IQCC member), Miquel Solà from the Institute of Computational Chemistry and Catalysis (IQCC) and Clara Viñas and Francesc Teixidor from the Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (CSIC, ICMAB) have shown that aromatic closo boron hydride clusters can be categorized into different series, according to the n value of the Hückel (4?n+2)? rule.

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Emerging Diluted Ferromagnetism in High-Tc Superconductors Driven by Point Defect Clusters


Jaume Gazquez,* Roger. Guzman, Rohan Mishra, Elena Bartolomé, Juan Salafranca, Cesar Magén, Maria Varela, Mariona Coll, Anna Palau, S. Manuel Valvidares, Pierluigi Gargiani, Eric Pellegrin, Javier. Herrero-Martin, Stephen J. Pennycook, Sokrates T. Pantelides, Teresa Puig, and Xavier Obradors. Adv. Sci. 2016, 1500295. DOI: 10.1002/advs.201500295

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