Meetings Participation

Title Created Date
The contribution of Clara Viñas and Francesc Teixidor at HALCHEM highlighted in C&EN News in Japan 28 February 2020
Sant Joan de Déu, 27 FEB: Nano Rare Diseases Day with Nora Ventosa 25 February 2020
"The use of synchrotron radiation in battery research" by Ashley Black now on video! 17 February 2020
New Light! by SECPHO: Photonic revolution in the health sector 12 February 2020
UAB, 12 FEB 2020: "Energia i Canvi Climàtic" with M. Rosa Palacín #11F 28 January 2020
Vilanova i la Geltrú, 28-30 Jan 2020: XI Trobada de Joves Investigadors en Química 27 January 2020
M. Rosa Palacín at the Christmas Conference of the SCQ-IEC about Li-ion batteries 07 January 2020
Xavier Obradors, Guest of Honor at the UPC Manresa Graduation! 27 December 2019
Nora Ventosa at the SOMMa 100xCiencia4 meeting in Donostia/San Sebastián 10 December 2019
UAB, 10 DEC 2019: M. Rosa Palacín at the Nobel Prize 2019 UAB Conferences 29 November 2019
Anna Laromaine, within the Top 100 women leaders, invited to El Pais Con Tu Futuro! 28 November 2019
Vote for C. elegans to enter the "Fira de Recerca en Directe 2020" 22 November 2019
Clara Viñas and Francesc Teixidor, in the opening of the new school year in Sfax-ESPIN, Tunisia 20 November 2019
UAB, 20-21 NOV 2019: TADeF: Trobada Anual Doctorands en Física 18 November 2019
Strasbourg, 25-29 May 2020: E-MRS Spring Meeting. Call for Abstracts is now open! 14 November 2019
M. Rosa Palacín at the European Technology and Innovation Platform on Batteries (BatteRIes Europe) Governing Board 01 November 2019
The SOMMa Alliance holds its first meeting on gender equality policies 30 October 2019
Donostia, 22-23 Nov 2019: SOMMa 100xCiencia.4 Meeting: Building bridges between Science and Society 29 October 2019
Grenoble Barcelona twin conference: From quantum systems to new materials and smart electrical energy 25 October 2019
The ICMAB is now a member of the innovation cluster SECPHO 23 October 2019 Cercador de serveis i infraestructures de nanotecnologia 17 October 2019
BCN, 16 Nov 2019: Primer Congrés Anual de la SCN2 16 October 2019
CosmoCaixa, 19-20 OCT 2019: Explora els Minerals, de la Mina a la Taula Periòdica dels Elements 14 October 2019
BCN, 26-27 OCT 2019: the ICMAB at the 13a Festa de la Ciència! 14 October 2019
Clúster MAV, 9 OCT 2019: Nanotechnology Day: Success Stories + NanoHUB Presentation 01 October 2019
"Women in Science" Theater for the Researcher's Night in CosmoCaixa: Madame Châtelet and her Instagram followers 23 September 2019
The meeting of the SOMMa members at the Ministry highlights the impact of this excellence programme 10 September 2019
Bilbao, 19-22 SEPT 2019: Dolores Bueno in "Naukas" with the "Show your rare!" talk 09 September 2019
BCN, 16-17 SEPT 2019: Campus Gutenberg 2019 "Del laboratori al prime time: com aconseguir que la recerca accedeixi un plató de televisió" 05 September 2019
ALBA, 10 July 2019: Single Photon Detection Workshop at ALBA Synchrotron 09 July 2019
The 9th Edition of the European Conference on Boron Chemistry (EuroBoron9) will be in Barcelona! 09 July 2019
The challenges of the electric car, debated in a conference in Madrid 05 July 2019
Núria Crivillers, member of the jury at the "Certamen Jóvenes Investigadores" 2019 28 June 2019
CCCB, 12 July 2019: Energy Mining in the 21st century 26 June 2019
Gervasi Herranz and the Quantum research performed at ALBA Synchrotron at the CCCB Quantum exhibition 26 June 2019
Intense colloquium at the "Energy of the future" roundtable 21 June 2019
ALBA, 8-10 OCT 2019: IX AUSE Conference and 4th ALBA users meeting 2019 08 June 2019
IDAEA-CSIC, 5 June 2019: Celebrate the #WorldEnvironmentDay with the Periodic Table #aitp2019 04 June 2019
Vil·la Urània, 19 June 2019: Taula rodona: 'L'energia del futur o el futur de l'energia' 04 June 2019
UB, 4 June 2019: 3rd Edition of Nanoinventum with Anna Roig 04 June 2019
Bologna, 11-13 SEPT 2019: Nano Scientific Forum Europe 2019 03 June 2019
The XXXVII Biennial Meeting of the RSEQ takes place in San Sebastian and many ICMABers are there! 28 May 2019
NanoSpain 2019 in Barcelona, with the participation of many ICMABers! 28 May 2019
mNACTEC, 6-7 June 2019: "Som Elèctrics! Transició energètica i mobilitat elèctrica" wth M. Rosa Palacín 22 May 2019
The ICMAB participates in the Open Innovation Forum 2019 03 April 2019
"Science and Research in the Agenda 2030" in Spain presented in La Moncloa 18 March 2019
"Theater as a tool to visibilize women scientists" presented at the Women, Science and Technology Conference in Terrassa 08 March 2019
The Superconducting Materials group at the "Fira de Recerca en Directe" at CosmoCaixa 18 March 2019
Watch here the conference by Xavier Obradors "Els nanomaterials per a la transició energètica" 15 February 2019
M. Rosa Palacin in the closing session of the 7th edition of the JIPI meeting at the UB Paranimf 14 February 2019
#11F: "Our scientists in the school" for the International Day of Women and Girls in Science 08 February 2019
Terrassa, 6-7 March 2019: "El teatre com a eina de visibilització de les dones científiques" at the "Dones, Ciència i Tecnologia" conference 04 March 2019
Sitges, 7-8 March: VI Immersió Estratègica - Clúster MAV 11 March 2019
Alejandro Santos "El sketching no es ilustración científica" during his talk at IMB-CNM-CSIC 17 January 2019
ZGZ, 15-19 JUL 2019: XXXVII Reunión Bienal de la Real Sociedad Española de Física 16 January 2019
CCCB, 12 Juny 2019: How the ALBA Synchrotron aids quantum information 11 January 2019
Nice, 27-31 MAY 2019: Come to the E-MRS Spring Meeting and participate in the symposia organized by ICMAB researchers 10 January 2019
Barcelona, 27 May 2019: "El carboni: de l’origen de la vida a la nanociència" by Gerard Tobias #DillunsCiència #TaulaPeriòdica #aitp2019 09 January 2019
Barcelona, 29 April 2019: "Madame Châtelet" dramatised reading will open a Alumni UB conference cycle on women of science 05 January 2019
Madrid, 26 APRIL 2019: V Encuentro Nacional de Nanodivulgadores 04 January 2019
UB, 10 April 2019: The ICMAB will be at the XIV Business Forum "Fira d'Empreses" at the UB 04 January 2019
CCCB, 9 April 2019: "Quantica" exhibition inauguration 04 January 2019
Madrid, 28-30 March 2019: The ICMAB at the 10th International Postgraduate and Continuous Training Forum #ForodePostgrado2019 01 January 2019
Jan-April 2019: "Dilluns de ciència: Els cristalls i la Vida" 18 December 2018
Great success of the PBSi conference chaired by Clara Viñas and with a high participation of ICMAB researchers 24 December 2018
Anna Laromaine participates in the project "Ciencia y Tecnología en femenino" 27 November 2018
The Smart4Fabry project presented at the "Lysosomal Rare Disorders" seminar at Vall d'Hebron 26 November 2018
Barcelona, 21 NOV: Nanoscience, Nanotechnology, Society and Graphic Design 14 November 2018
Elies Molins gives the Inaugural Lecture at the III Reunión de la Asociación Latinoamericana de Crystalografía in Chile 05 November 2018
Barcelona, 12 Dec 2018: Inspiraciència en OFF 27 November 2018
BCN, 19 Nov 2018: "Lysosomal disorders, a focus on Fabry Disease" Vall d'Hebron Seminar 23 October 2018
UB, 18 OCT 2018: ACS on Campus, free seminar on #SciComm, publishing tips, and career talks with M. Rosa Palacín and more! 28 September 2018
RACAB, 18 OCT: "Els nanomaterials per a la transició energètica" by Xavier Obradors 11 October 2018
IEC, 26 SEPT 2018: Feynman i els seus diagrames: una aportació clau a la teoria quàntica de camps by Dr. Albert Bramon 25 September 2018
The ICMAB was present at the #CGutenberg18 with a role play workshop on institutional communication 21 September 2018
Girona, 20 SEPT 2018: "New challenges in chemistry: nanovesicles and biologic control of pests" 07 September 2018
The International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE) in Bologna gathers many ICMAB researchers working on the batteries of the future 03 September 2018
Ana M. López-Periago, second prize at the science monologues contest "Científiques a prop" 23 July 2018
Ana M. López-Periago at the IV edition of "Científiques a prop" organized by AMIT-CAT 10 July 2018
«From quantum physics to nanotechnology» at the 50 Universitat Catalana d'Estiu in Manresa with ICMAB researchers 06 July 2018
What's Ecsite all about? And why does ICMAB want to be part of it? #Ecsite2018 12 June 2018
Barcelona, 10-12 DEC: PBSi 2018: International Conference on Phosphorus, Boron and Silicon 04 June 2018
Arpita Saha receives the 3rd prize for the Oral Communication at the UAB Jornades Doctorals 2018 01 June 2018
Prof. Teresa Puig and the SUMAN group spreading the knowledge on superconductivity at the UAB 21 March 2018
Núria Aliaga participates at the "IV Scientific Day" of INS Mercè Rodoreda 19 March 2018
The ICMAB presents its research at the largest Nano- European Event: ImagineNano2018 13 March 2018
ICMAB researchers at the APS Physics March Meeting in Los Angeles #apsmarch 07 March 2018
Sendai, Japan, 8-12 AUG: 6th International Solvothermal and Hydrothermal Association Conference (ISHA2018) 05 March 2018
Santander, 23-27 JUL 2018: Summer School "De la nanociencia a la nanotecnología: luces y sombras del control de la materia a escala atómica" 03 March 2018
Trieste, 9-13 JUL 2018: 2nd NFFA-Europe Summer School 02 March 2018
Salamanca 4-6 JUL 2018: XV Congreso Nacional de Materiales / I Iberian Meeting on Materials Science 02 March 2018
Barcelona, 2-6 July 2018: ICFO School on Emerging Photovoltaics. Apply now! 02 March 2018
Coma-ruga, 1-6 JUL 2018: 14th International Workshop on Magnetism & Superconductivity at the Nanoscale 02 March 2018
Many ICMAB young researchers at the "Desena Trobada de Joves Investigadors" 06 February 2018
ICMAB will participate in the next edition of "Dissabtes de la Física" at UAB 26 January 2018
15 January 2018: Kickoff of the Feynman Year 2018 - Feynman Total 11 January 2018
Paris, 27-29 JUNE 2018: 4th edition of Nanotech France 2018 International Conference and Exhibition 08 January 2018
Strasbourg, 18-22 JUNE 2018: Come to the E-MRS Spring Meeting and participate in the symposia organized by ICMAB researchers 08 January 2018
Trieste, 21-25 MAY 2018: Conference on the Complex Interactions of Light and Biological Matter: Experiments meet Theory 07 January 2018
Barcelona, 24 MAY 2018: Jornada sobre Nanotoxicidad 06 January 2018
IEC, 9 MAY 2018: XXX Debat de Química a l’IEC "Connectar la ciència dels materials amb els joves i les aules" 06 January 2018
Santa Fe, 26-29 MAR 2018: International High Power Laser Ablation Symposium (HPLA) 05 January 2018
ALBA Synchrotron, 17 APR 2018: Research in advanced materials for the automotive industry meeting 04 January 2018
18 JAN 2018: Call for Abstracts for the E-MRS Spring Meeting 2018 Symposium on Functional Materials 21 September 2017
Valencia, 24-26 JAN 2018: Getting ready for the X edition of the GEFES meeting 01 January 2018
From nanoscience to space: Xavier Obradors at the inaugural lecture of his highschool in Manresa 13 December 2017
MetDrugs meeting: at the frontier between coordination chemistry and nanotechnology 12 December 2017
19 DEC: Christmas Lecture at ICMAB: "Re-reading Curie" by Xavier Roqué 11 December 2017
Two projects from ICMAB researchers at the FINAL of the PRUAB Program "Generació d'Idees" 01 December 2017
Great success of the first meeting between scientific illustrators and researchers at ICMAB 29 November 2017
ICMAB at the 100xCiencia.2 Meeting of Excellence in Research: Co-creating value in scientific research 02 November 2017
2-3 NOV: 100xCiencia.2, Meeting of Centres and Units of Excellence 23 October 2017
Launch of the “Alliance of Severo Ochoa Centres and Maria de Maeztu Units of Excellence” 19 October 2017
Alicante hosts the international meeting on research transfer and co-creation of the Severo Ochoa and María de Maeztu Research Centers and Units of Excellence 29 September 2017
The Superconducting Materials group at the European Conference of Applied Superconductivity 2017 26 September 2017
6-17 NOV: Somos Científicos 22 September 2017
The Communication Officers of various scientific institutions participate together at Campus Gutenberg 14 September 2017
18 SEPT: Condensed matter theory workshop at ALBA: overview of ICN2 and ICMAB activities 13 September 2017
22-27 AUG: 31st European Crystallographic Meeting 22 August 2016
28-29 SEPT: Prof. Jaume Veciana will be at the 2nd Summerschool on Nanomedicine 28 September 2016
30 SEPT: BCNspiracy 30 September 2016
10-19 NOV: Setmana de la Ciència 2017 09 November 2016
Francesc Teixidor, Invited Professor at the 2017 Boron-Chemistry Micro-Forum held in Nanjing University 27 July 2017
Many ICMAB researchers were last week at the XXXVI Biennial Meeting of the RSEQ 05 July 2017
29 May-2 June, 2017: TO.SCA.LAKE 2.0 29 May 2016
The 2017 E-MRS Spring Meeting starts today with more than 15 contributions from ICMAB 22 May 2017
Esther Barrena and Ana Pérez at the PINT OF SCIENCE Barcelona on May 16th 16 May 2016
25-27 SEPT: ICONAN 2017, International Conference On Nanomedicine And Nanobiotechnology 25 September 2016
21 - 23 June 2017: EURONANOFORUM in Valletta, Malta 21 June 2016
23-30 APR 2017: The Capri Spring School on Transport in Nanostructures 23 April 2016
Mariano Campoy co-organizes the workshop on Thin Film Emerging Photovoltaic and Optoelectronic Technologies (EMTECH) in Barcelona 26 April 2016
High participation of ICMAB PhD students at the International School of Oxide Electronics 2017 11 April 2017
The XVIII edition of Exporecerca Jove presents research projects of talented students 10 April 2017
FUB+GRAN Mai és massa tard per aprendre nanotecnologia 03 April 2017
7-10 MAR-2017: Nanospain 2017 07 March 2016
Dr. Anna Laromaine attended the NanoTech 2017 in Tokyo, invited by the Presidency of the CSIC 06 March 2017
Anna May has participated in the course “El científico ante los medios de comunicación“ at the RTVE studios 23 February 2017
26 JAN 2017: Topologia i Física Quàntica en diàleg: Premi Nobel de Física 2016 26 January 2016
17 nov: xerrada d'Esther Barrena a "Científiques a prop" 02 November 2016
L'ICMAB cedeix al CESIRE un kit "Creixement de materials: del laboratori a l'aula" 13 September 2016
Ciclo itinerante de conferencias del Prof. Fontcuberta como "distinguished lecturer" de la IEEE 25 July 2016
Anna Roig ha visitat EINA-Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art de Barcelona en el marc del programa ‘Un investigador a l’aula’ 25 May 2016
Día Internacional de la Salud y la Seguridad en el Trabajo (FOTOS) 29 April 2016
Nova edició de “Cafè amb la Recerca” FOTOS 26 April 2016
Dolores Bueno en Desgranando Ciencia 2016 (VIDEO) 25 April 2016
L’ICMAB-CSIC protagonitza un nou “Cafè amb la Recerca” de l’FCRi patrocinat per Ibercaja 21 April 2016
Participación del ICMAB en el II Encuentro nacional de nanodivulgación 11 April 2016
OCT-28, 19:00: Dolores Bueno participará en Ignite BCN #3, charlas ultrarrápidas 28 October 2015
OCT-14: Curso de Cristalografía Universidad Autónoma de Chile 07 October 2015
Presente y perspectivas de futuro del coche eléctrico 16 July 2015
Nous materials vistos des dels ulls d'un físic investigador 27 April 2015
"Viatge dins els materials: àtoms i estructures cristal·lines" ha sido todo un éxito 24 April 2015
ABRIL, 15-17-22, 2015: Programa Professors i Ciència de la Fundació Catalunya- La Pedrera 15 April 2014
Concepción Domingo participó en el Primer encuentro de expertos en la utilización y transformación del CO2 13 March 2015
Febrer 23: Molècules orgàniques per nous dispositius electrònics 20 February 2015
FEBRER 25: Dimecres de la Ciència a Sarrià-Sant Gervasi 19 February 2015
MARZO-11: Rosa Palacín, “Tecnología de baterías alternativas al litio: ion sodio” 26 January 2015
AFM2015 19 January 2014
Tornen els dissabtes divulgatius de la UAB 16 January 2015
JANUARY 12: "Materials per a bateries: la química n’és la clau". Conferència de Rosa Palacín 09 December 2014
Avui, a les 17h, Anna Laromaine participarà a la taula rodona: "Les joves científiques: situaciò actual i perspectives professionals" 25 November 2014
NOV, 19: Setmana de la Ciència 2015 19 November 2014
El Grafè, el material del futur, avui 18 November 2014
PLACES DISPONIBLES: Activitat de formació científica, tecnològica adreçada al professorat de secundària 10 November 2014
L’ICMAB-CSIC acull una nova sessió del “Cafè amb la Recerca” de l’FCRi amb la participació de directius de 12 empreses 06 November 2014
Noviembre Científico 2014 05 November 2014
Conferencia de Jordi Faraudo para la Semana de la Ciencia 04 November 2014
Cicle de Trobades KET: Nanotecnologia, repte de la Unió per a la Innovació 23 October 2014
Xerrada de Xavier Obradors al Centre Cívic Sagrada Família 15 October 2014
Conferència de Xavier Obradors: Els nanomaterials de la tercera revolució industrial 14 October 2014
Xavier Obradors participarà en “Cafè amb la Recerca” 18 September 2014
Sopar a l'Observatori amb Xavier Obradors 25 June 2014
Xerrada Inspiraciencia de Carlos Sopuerta (IEEC) : "Forats negres: l'explosió d'una idea" 08 April 2014
Xerrada de Agustín Fernández Mallo 03 April 2014
Els nanomaterials de la 3a revolució industrial, conferencia de Xavier Obradors a la RACAB | 20 març 06 March 2014
Xavi Marti, ponent al congrés SMART CITIES 25 November 2013
Esther Barrena ha visitat l'escola Sant Jaume de l'Hospitalet de Llobregat dins la iniciativa 'Els nous materials a l'aula' 20 November 2013
Semana de la Ciencia 01 November 2013
Els nanomaterials: cap a una nova revolució industrial? 08 November 2013
Manuel Souto: crònica de la taula rodona amb Martin Schulz 06 November 2013
La Dra. Núria Crivillers participará en el 63rd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting 01 July 2013
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in Spain 30 November 2012
Synchrotron radiation: An eye within the nanomaterials world 12 November 2012
NOV 22 2012: Conferència Setmana de la Ciència 2012 30 October 2012
NOV 14-21 2012: Activitats dirigides al professorat de secundària. Què estudia la Ciència de Materials? 30 October 2012
"24 Debat de Qu\u00edmica de l'IEC" 19 April 2012
¿Cómo medimos la ciencia?, ponencia del Prof. C. Miravitlles en el II workshop FGCSIC 19 December 2011
Setmana de la Ciència: Conferencia Prof Miravitlles a la RACAB 21 November 2011
Semana de la Ciencia 09 November 2011
Sopar amb estrelles a l'Observatori Fabra: la superconductivitat 27 July 2011
Día Mundial de la Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo 03 May 2011
Conferencia del Prof. Elies Molins en el Arts Santa Mònica 02 November 2010
Semana de Ciencia 2010 02 November 2010
Transmission Electron Microscopy 25 October 2010
Eulasur Summer School 2010 03 October 2010
Encontre Noves fronteres de la ciència, l'art i el pensament 21 September 2010
SAFT 2010 19 September 2010


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