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ICMAB participates at the "Festa de la Ciència 2017" in Barcelona

Last weekend, 27-28 May, the Ciutadella Park hosted the 2017 Barcelona Science Festival "Festa de la Ciència 2017". ICMAB participated giving some "microtalks" on solar cells and photonic crystals.

The event, organized by Barcelona Ciència - Institut de Cultura de Barcelona, and with the participation of multiple research centres, museums, organizations and entreprises, counted with the presence of a large audience on both days, who participated in the more than 100 activities proposed. Experiments, demonstrations, competitions, games, shows and scientific talks in more than 30 areas of the parc. The balance of the festival is: 

  • 125 activities, of which 15 permanents, 120 on Saturday, and 64 on Sunday
  • 100 institutions, research centers, entities, science promoters and enterprises
  • more than 15,000 attendees

ICMAB participated with two microtalks: Enrique Pascual talked about solar cells; he showed how a solar cell is formed and he presented some transparent polymer-based solar cells that are being researched at ICMAB. Next, Cristiano Matricardi and Ana Begoña Buades talked about photonic crystals, their interaction with the light and their potential applications in controlling light. More information here

IMG 1045

Anna May also participated with the EspaiNANO group of the Catalan Association of Science Communication (ACCC) in a nano-debate with the objective of bringing nanotechnology closer to people. 

Thank you all for your participation, and see you next year!

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