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... k, M (Zahradnik, M.); Antos, R (Antos, R.); Zelezny, J (Zelezny, J.); Smejkal, L (Smejkal, L.); Marti, X (Marti, X.); Wadley, P (Wadley, P.); Campion, RP (Campion, R. P.); Frontera, C (Frontera, C.); Uhliro ...


... s, and Use as SERS Probes and Photothermal Agents (2013) Journal of the American Chemical Society, 135 (19), pp. 7098-7101 Also included in line 1.2 170.    Wadley, P; Novák, V; Campion, RP; Rinald ...

Obtaining the structure factors for an epitaxial film using Cu X-ray radiation

P. Wadley, A. Crespi, J. Gázquez, M. A. Roldán, P. García, V. Novak, R. Campion, T. Jungwirth, C. Rinaldi, X. Martí, V. Holy, C. Frontera and J. Rius; J. Appl. Cryst. (2013). 46, 1749-1754  doi:10.1107/S002188981302414X ...


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