Barcelona, 11 April: Presentation of the AEAC (Spanish Associacion for the Advancement of Science)

On 11 April, at 6 pm, the meeting of the Spanish Association for the Advancement of Science (AEAC) will take place in Palau Macaya, Barcelona. A meeting to place the AEAC in the panorama of Spanish scientific associations, starting with their mission to be a pro-science association that, although promoted by the scientific community, is open to citizen participation.

The AEAC has the vision that citizens have an instrument capable of influencing and supporting science in their claims and, why not, able to put pressure on situations such as cuts and increases in the bureaucracy of our science system.

In this sense, the model of the AEAC is based on that of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), which at the beginning of s. XX was also opened to citizen participation.

The different scientific initiatives can be perceived as very atomized, and in this sense the AEAC could be a kind of common and unifying link of all of them along with the citizenship. A partnership with people of reference in different areas of knowledge that respond in a short period of time to demands and questions that arise in society and to which the media can contact in a relatively short period of time.

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“Benvinguts al nanomon”, Jordi Díaz-Marcos (CCITUB): visita guiada a exposición de cuadros basados en imágenes de microscopía AFM y STM.

“El Legolish-mot”, Julien Colombelli (IRBB): presentación y demostración de este microscopio edificado con Lego.

“Tara Expeditions” y “Plankton Planet” – Colomban de Vargas (CNRS & Tara Oceans), Mick Follows (MIT), Manu Prakash (Stanford). Vídeo de 30 minutos (Horario: 16:05-16:40-17:15): presentación por Silvia Acinas (ICM) de este proyecto de ciencia participativa que une científicos y veleros.

17:50 -17:55*
Presentación del acto – Gilles Mirambeau (Vocal de la AEAC)

18:00 -18:30*
Federico Mayor Zaragoza (Presidente de la AEC)     

18:35 -19:20*
“Ciencia en sociedad” con Laura Díaz (presidenta de SciDF) y Laura LechugaToni Gabaldon y Toni Massanes (socios de la AEAC).

19:25 -19:40*
“A la búsqueda de lo invisible” con Silvia Acinas, Julien Colombelli y Jordi Díaz-Marcos.Las dos mesas estarán moderadas por Eli Prats (Big Van Ciencia)

19:45 -20:00
Estrategia de la AEAC. Borja Sánchez (secretario general de la AEAC)

*Intervencion “poetry slam” de Crisal Rodriguez (Con.Ciencia) o de Domenikus.


  • AEAC: Science and Society
  • Thursday 11 April 2019, 6:00 pm
  • Palau Macaya, Barcelona


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