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2015 January, 19

ICMAB-CSIC, Bellaterra, Barcelona

Atomic Force Microscopy is one of the most versatile techniques for the nanoscale characterization of a large variety of materials (complex oxides, biopolymers, living cells, organic semiconductors …) Beyond a tool for topographic imaging, AFM has become a powerful tool for the local probe of a wide range of materials functionalities which cover electrical, electromechanical, magnetic, elastic properties... 

This workshop aims at providing an overview of novel advanced methods for the nanoscale characterization of materials functionalities in diverse fields, such as biology, materials science, soft condensed matter, with stress on topics of potential interest for the ICMAB and nearby research community. 

Special emphasis will be placed in presenting a didactic content for those non- experts in AFM methods which are however curious in learning how AFM can contribute to their research.

Link | http://congresses.icmab.es/afm2015/

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