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May Masnou

Contact Data

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Communication & Outreach


Anna did her Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering at Universitat de Barcelona (UB), with the final year as Erasmus at Technische Universität Berlin (Germany), and her M.Sc. in Chemical and Process Engineering at Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV) in Tarragona. She did her Ph.D. on Materials Science and Technology back at UB, with three stays abroad at Yokohama National University (Japan), Université de Lorraine (France) and University of California, Santa Barbara (US). 

During her Ph.D. she strarted teaching at University level (Chemical Engineering, Laboratory, Process Control...) and continued for one more year, while she also started working at Cetaqua (Water Technology Center) in the field of water and sludge treatment. 

She then obtained a Juan de la Cierva-Formación fellowship and started her Postdoc at ICMAB, in the Group of Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites (http://departments.icmab.es/nn/) with Anna Roig. 

Since April 2017 she is the Communication & Outreach Officer at ICMAB, changing her career path from research to communication, but never leaving science!

Research interest

Her Research Intersts include synthesis and characterization of inorganic nanoparticles (TiO2, Au, Ag...) and integration of these nanoparticles in bacterial cellulose. She is interested in hybrid nanocomposites, especially for energy and biomedical applications. Her last project was in collaboration with INTE-UPC about photocatalysis for water splitting and hydrogen production. 


University Degrees

Bachelor in Chemical Engineering, Universitat de Barcelona (UB) - 2003-2008

M.Sc. in Chemical and Process Engineering, Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV) in Tarragona - 2008-2009

Postgraduate Course in Science Communication, Universitat de Vic - Universitat Central de Catalunya (UVic-UCC) and Eduscopi - 2016-2017


Doctorate, University and Year:

Ph.D. on Materials Science and Technology at Universitat de Barcelona (UB) - June 2014 


Science Communication

Most significative academic merits

Grants and fellowships:

• Juan de la Cierva-Formación Postdoctoral Fellowship (99.2/100) from the Spanish Government (FJCI-2014-21407) (2015-2017).

• Researchers Formation Fellowship (FPI) to perform a Ph.D. from the Spanish Government (2009-2013). 

• DAAD grant for Summer School in Advanced Separations in Chemical Engineering (Berlin, 2009).

• Grant from “la Caixa” to study a M.S. in Spain (2008).

• Erasmus fellowship, Grant from the Catalan Government (AGAUR) and International Grant from “Bancaja” to study in a European University (Berlin, 2008).

• Introduction to Research Grant (JAE-Intro) to spend two months working at the CSIC (Scientific Research Superior Council), Environmental Chemistry Department, IQAC-CSIC (2007).


• Polyphosphate functionalized inorganic nanoparticles as hemostatic compositions and methods of use. Application no./Patent no. 14759780.1-1453 PCT/US2014022039. March 17, 2014.

Teaching experience and merits:

• Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering Department, Universitat de Barcelona. Topics: Chemical Engineering, Waste Management, Laboratory of Chemical Engineering, Information Technology, Bachelor Thesis supervision (180 h/year). November 2013 – September 2015.

• Accredited as “Professor Lector” by the AQU (Agency for the Quality of the University system in Catalonia), 2015.

• On-line course: “Scientific controversies and inquiries for science teaching”. Universitat de Barcelona – ENGAGE. October – December 2015.

• Educator, CRODA Ibèrica S.A. October 2013 – April 2014. Topics: Regulation and control of chemical processes (138 h)

• Teaching Assistant, Chemical Engineering Department, Universitat de Barcelona. October 2009 – November 2013. (60 h/year)

Science Communication experience and merits:

Nov 2016 - July 2017: Specialization course in scientific communication (Universitat de Vic and Eduscopi)

• Sept 12-13, 2016: Gutenberg Campus on scientific communication and culture (UPF)

• 2015 onwards: Nanodivulgation – Activities of nanoscience outreach at ICMAB.

• 2015 onwards: Web manager (Group of Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites, ICMAB)

• 2013-2015: Member of the Divulgation Committee of the Universitat de Barcelona.

• 2013-2014: Science Communication in local radio programs in Barcelona: “Funció d’Ona” at BocaRàdio 90.1 FM and collaborating in “Pa ciència, la nostra” at Sants3Ràdio.

• 2009-2015: Collaboration in the edition of Scientific Dictionaries and in the organisation of cultural and scientific communication activities at the Universitat de Barcelona.

• 2005-2014: Member of the Communication Committee of the Universitat de Barcelona.

• 2005-2006: Responsible of Catalan language dynamization at the Chemistry Faculty at UB. 


Academic awards:

• Extraordinary Ph.D. Award 2013-2014. Universitat de Barcelona. 

• Academic Excellent Award for M.S. in Chemical and Process Engineering, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, 2009.

• First Prize in the Final Year Project in Chemical Engineering contest from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC. Barcelona TECH), 2009.

• Second National Award on the Excellence of the University Academic Achievement. Spanish Ministry of Education, 2009. 

• Academic Excellent Award for B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Universitat de Barcelona, 2008.

• Fellowship from “Caixa Manresa” to start University studies, Manresa, 2003.

• “Pepi Balmaña” Prize for the Research Project in high school, Institut Jaume Callís (Vic), 2003.

Conference awards:

• Poster Prize at the “Functional hybrid materials” workshop and training school. May 25-27, Stockholm.

• Best oral presentation of Day 2. SludgeTech. University of Surrey, Guildford (UK). June 29 – July 1, 2015. 

• Springer Poster Prize. Second International Conference on Advanced Complex Inorganic Nanomaterials (ACIN 2013). Namur (Belgium), July 15-19, 2013. 


Number Articles: 9
Number Citations: 149
Hfactor: 5

Scientific Highlights

1. Kudela, D.; May-Masnou, A.; Smith, S.A.; Braun, G.B.; Pallaoro, A.; Chuong, T.T.; Hammond, S.; Cohen, M.J.; Galante, J.M.; Rashidi, H.H.; Morrissey, J.H.; Stucky, G.D. Accelerating clotting in the presence of the lethal triad with polyphosphate-laden silica nanoparticles. Submitted.

2. May-Masnou, A.; Stébé, M-J.; Blin, J-L. Hierarchical meso-mesoporous and macro-mesoporous silica templated by mixtures of polyoxyethylene-fluoroalkyl ether and triblock copolymer. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2016, 13-14, 1998-2005. DOI: 10.1002/ejic.201501168. IF(ISI): 2.942

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4. May-Masnou, A.; Ribó-Besolí, J. Porras, M.; Maestro, A.; González, C.; Gutiérrez, J.M. Scale-up model obtained from the rhological analysis of highly concentrated emulsions prepared at three scales. Chemical Engineering Science, 2014, 111, 410-420. DOI: 10.1016/j.ces.2014.03.004. IF(ISI): 2.386.

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9. May, A.; Aramaki, K.; Gutiérrez, J.M. Phase behavior and rheological analysis of reverse liquid crystals and W/I2, W/H2 gel emulsions using an amphiphilic block copolymer. Langmuir, 2011, 27 (6), 2286-98. DOI: 10.1021/la104539q. IF(ISI): 4.187.

10. May, A.; Salvadó, J.; Torras, C.; Montané, D. Catalytic gasification of glycerol in supercritical water. Chemical Engineering Journal, 2010, 160 (2), 751-59. DOI: 10.1016/j.cej.2010.04.005. IF(ISI): 3.473.