2 PhD positions in organic semiconductors for energy applications at the ICMAB-CSIC


Position 1

Framed within an ongoing collaboration between ICMAB and a private Technological Centre, this PhD position will be devoted to investigate upscaling methods for novel solar cell technologies based on plastic semiconductors. Starting: March/April, 2016.

The successful candidate will

  • Fabricate, characterize and optimize organic solar cells using different methods, from lab scale to pre-industrial Roll to Roll.
  • Investigate the structure and photophysics of materials at the nanoscale using microscopic and spectroscopic techniques to establish the property-structure nexus.
  • Design and build working prototypes.

Position 2

This PhD position is offered within the framework of the project “Finding a needle in a haystack: efficient identification of high performing organic energy materials (FOREMAT)”, funded by the European Research Council through the program ERCConsolidator Grant. This position is devoted to the development of cost-effective materials that can harvest waste heat and convert it into electricity. Starting: Summer 2016.

The successful candidate will

  • Fabricate, characterize and optimize organic thermoelectric generators using lab scale methods
  • Investigate the materials at the nanoscale using microscopic and spectroscopic techniques to establish the property-structure nexus.
  • Develop novel imaging techniques to characterize the thermoelectric properties of novel materials, including electrical and thermal conductivities, and Seebeck coefficient.
  • Model and simulate the thermoelectric response of the developed



  • Essential: MSc or equivalent in Physics, Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Electrical/Chemical engineering or Materials Science.
  • Essential: Fluency and clarity in spoken English. Good written English.
  • Desirable: Experience with solution processing and organic semiconductors or spectroscopy.


For further information or queries, please contact Dr. M. Campoy Quiles at mcampoy@icmab.es



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